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Good…bad…Ana's the one with the gun

Ana-Lucia turns to Libby and asks how she feels. "I just don't think you're the best judge of character. I was with you when you put Nathan in the pit," she says, conveniently forgetting that before Nathan was put in that pit, she herself was whining to Ana about how Nathan was creeping her out. Libby's such a bandwagon-jumper, she makes me sick. Ana-Lucia doesn't even call her on her bullshit, just says if she wants to go, she should go. She tells Jin to go as well. Jin looks at Sayid, who nods, and then Ana-Lucia tells the lot of them to go, which they pretty much were doing anyway. And now it's just her and Sayid.

Michael runs through the jungle. While I am still mildly annoyed at the lack of Creedence, I should note how good the score on this usually is. Quite cinematic. Maybe they could meet me halfway and do an orchestral version of "Run Through The Jungle"?

Michael bursts in on Sun's garden, where she is merrily weeding or whatever, and she's quite surprised to see him. He needs a moment to catch his breath, and when he can talk, he tells her that Jin is okay, and he will explain, but right this minute he needs to find Jack.

Jack is in the hatch, questioning Eko, and trying to be as tough as he can possibly pretend to be, ordering Eko to take him out there, that sort of thing. I mean, if you're Eko, who the hell are you afraid of? Locke is already Eko's lawyer, telling Jack that this guy isn't the reason Shannon's dead, that he's the one who brought Sawyer back. "Half-dead with a bullet in his shoulder, John!" yells Jack, who turns back to Eko. "You gonna talk to me or are you just going to sit there?" Eko calmly looks at him: "Anything I say will just make you angry," he says. That's kind of like how Charlie is for me. Jack waits, and Eko continues: "So yes. I will sit here." Whatcha gonna do about it, Jack?

Fortunately for Jack, Michael comes running in, and he and Jack share the most awkward hug I've ever seen in my life. If you hated a particular person, but had to hug them anyway, you would look a lot like Jack and Michael here. "We got a problem, man," says Michael, but before asking what's going on, Jack has to turn around and swagger around and look at Eko, because he won. I guess.

So Jack's grabbing guns and asking Michael if he remembers how to get out there. Michael says he does. Locke thinks they should think about this, and Jack reminds him that Shannon's dead and Sayid's being held at gunpoint. "You want to sit here and hope that situation resolves itself, you be my guest." He gives a rifle to Michael, and they're heading out when Eko yells for them to stop. Surprised, they do. He asks what they want: "Peace? Revenge? Justice? And you are going out with all these guns. What do you want?" Jack yells that he wants to rock, and he strums an air guitar, and Eko goes flying backwards through the wall. And here comes Twisted Sister! Or maybe Eko says, "Ana-Lucia made a mistake," and Jack recognizes the name and is shocked to find out that the fellow drunk he flirted with in the airport bar is now on the island. You'd think he'd be happy, given that Kate looks like she plans to walk Sawyer's way. Locke and Kate both silently note Jack's recognition of Ana-Lucia's name.

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