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Good…bad…Ana's the one with the gun

Eko says he'll take Jack to Ana-Lucia. "But only you. And no guns." Jack gives his gun to Locke and nods.

Back at Ana-Lucia's Mobile Armed Sayid Hostage unit, Ana-Lucia's asking Sayid where he's from. Sayid has already discovered, as so many do, that ignoring her is far preferable to actually talking to her. But she persists, and he tells her he's from Iraq. She asks if he has any children, and he asks why she wants to know. She says she's just curious, so he tells her he doesn't -- and then he asks her the same question, so she can look uncomfortable and pause and choke on the word "no." Sayid asks if she's going to kill him: "That's what you're thinking about, isn't it?" Ana-Lucia asks if she should kill him. The answer, Sayid, is "no," but instead he starts talking about how about forty days ago on this island he tortured a man just as he's tortured many men before him, men whose voices he still hears at night. "Should you kill me? Maybe you should. Maybe you were meant to." He stares a hole into her, and she can't hold his gaze. So she stands up, and starts fidgeting around like she has to go to the bathroom.

"I'm a cop. Well, I was a cop." Oh, here comes the diatribe. She launches into this story about her and her partner responding to a burglary call, and how they split up to go in the front and the back. A kid comes out the front, where Ana-Lucia is, and she tells him to put his hands up. The kid says she's making a mistake, that he's a student, and he wants to show her his ID. "I believed him. I just…I let him reach. All I remember was a pop. By the time I hit the ground I thought I was dead." Fortunately, being able to think that you're dead is a pretty clear sign that you're not. Sayid just watches her. "I feel dead," she says. Sayid asks what happened to the man who shot her. Let's go to the instant replay.

Ana-Lucia's in a bar. Try to contain your surprise. The dude who shot her is over by the pool tables saying goodbye to a buddy before slinging his jacket over his shoulder and leaving the bar. Ana follows him (naturally, she finishes her drink first).

Out in the parking lot, McCormack heads to his car. Ana-Lucia calls to him, and he turns around. "I know you?" he asks. Close-up on Ana-Lucia, but the motion of her shoulder and arm suggests she's just drawn a gun. "I was pregnant," is all she says, and she fires three times. Jason didn't appear to have even noticed or reacted to her gun at all. I can see how he got the drop on her last time. He drops like a sack of mangos and Ana-Lucia approaches his body and pops three more shots into him.

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