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What Is The Monster?

Cut to Locke, standing in a field of grass and soaking up the rain. I'm glad he found some time to take care of his hygiene while running for his life. Oh, and it's daylight now. Hurley walks up to Locke and asks him if he's trying to get struck by lightning. We see that everyone else in his group is safely standing underneath a tree. Locke tells Hurley that the storm's about to pass. Just as Hurley tells him that he's full of shit, the rain stops. We also see that Hurley has Vincent on a leash. With the rain stopped, Locke calls for them all to move out. They get no more than a few steps before Sawyer asks Locke why he's going east when the Barracks are south. Locke tells Sawyer that there's a cabin he needs to visit first. Hurley overhears this, and tells them that the cabin is in a completely different direction. Locke, with some menace in his voice, asks Hurley what he's talking about. Hurley gets nervous, and tells him, "Um, I thought you were talking about the airplane cabin." Locke and Ben both look worried that someone else may have been to Jacob's cabin. Sawyer wants to know why they're going to a shack. Locke: "Because we're supposed to." Sawyer: "Like you were supposed to throw a knife into that Naomi chick's back?" Locke: "Uh huh." Sawyer asks Locke who he's getting his orders from. Locke: "I got 'em from Walt." Well, that clears everything up.

Mostly pointless beach scene. Sayid scans the waves for any sign of the boat. Juliet approaches, and they have your typical "waiting for our rescuers to arrive, really hope they're not here to kill us" conversation. You know how it is. Sayid asks why Ben would state that the Boaties are there to kill everyone. Juliet jumps to the top of the island's IQ charts when she tells him, "Because he's a liar, and he's trying to scare us. That's what Ben does." She concedes that the other possibility is that the Boaties are actually there to kill everyone. And then she asks him how many guns he has left, because she has some half-full glasses she wants to shoot.

Jack, Kate, and Daniel trek through the jungle, following the signal to another Boatie. Kate notices an aluminum box and asks Daniel if it came from the helicopter. He clearly seems to be contemplating denying it, and then realizes that would be a stupid lie, and admits it. Jack has absolutely no manners, and opens the box right up. Only to discover that it's full of gas masks. Jack asks what they're for, and Daniel hesitantly claims that he doesn't know because he's not in charge of packing. Daniel tries to change the subject back to finding his friends, but Jack asks him why he brought a gun with him. Daniel claims it's a precaution, but Jack wants to know what it's a precaution against. Daniel is not so much a bad liar as a guy who can't think of a lie to save his life. (The obvious lie being that it's a precaution against wildlife.) Daniel tells Jack that rescuing the Lostaways is not really the Boaties' "primary objective." It seems that everyone on the island has taken a smart pill this week, as Jack asks the obvious follow-up question: "Then what is?" And then Daniel is literally saved by the beep, as his phone picks up another Boatie just a short distance away. Daniel runs away from the question and towards his pal.

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