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What Is The Monster?

Miles enters what appears to be a young man's bedroom -- lots of football posters on the walls, and a bunch of trophies on a shelf. He plugs in his little machine, and it looks an awful lot like a Dustbuster, modified so that a little wheel starts spinning around when it's turned on. Miles sits on the bed, and looks around. He starts acting like a junkie going through withdrawal, and then says, "You're not doing your grandmother any good staying here, man. You're causing her a lot of pain. I want to go downstairs and tell her you've gone, but the only way I'm going to be able to do that is if you tell me where it is. So where is it?" There's a rattling sound in the wall, and Miles pushes a bookcase aside. In the vent behind the bookcase, he finds a brown paper bag containing a wad of cash and some drug-looking powder. He pockets the cash and returns the powder to its hiding spot. I have to say, I can accept a lot of crazy things on this show -- buttons that have to be pushed or the Earth is destroyed, tropical polar bears, a monster made of smoke -- but the idea of a guy who actually speaks with the dead is not on that list. There's a reason I don't watch Medium or The Ghost Whisperer and Her Amazing Breasts. Miles unplugs his machine and opens the door. Before he goes, he turns around and says, rather curtly, "You can go now."

Downstairs, an anxious Mrs. Gardner asks Miles if it worked. He tells her it did, and then gets a guilty look on his face. He reaches into his pocket -- not for the wad of cash he stole, but to give her back half her $200, telling her the job turned out to be easier than he expected. As he does, he looks over at the photo we saw earlier -- it's the same picture, but in a completely different frame. Can I get a ghost to come redecorate my house? (And, as always, a tip of the hat to the Eagle-Eyed Forum Posters.) Mrs. Gardner gives Miles a big hug, freaking him out just a bit.

Back on the island, Miles is still pointing a gun at Jack. Daniel tries to defend Jack and Kate, but Miles tells him (and us) that Naomi used the code they were supposed to use if a gun were being held to their head -- namely, "Tell my sister I love her." Daniel, space cadet that he is, forgot all about that code. There's a lot of screaming going on, and then Kate decides to just tell him the truth about Locke and the knife. Miles really wants to be taken to Naomi's body -- Kate doesn't think that will tell him anything, but he begs to differ.

Locke and his gang have stopped at a lovely spring for some water. Ben tries to get Alex to listen to him, but Carl puts his hand on his gun and tells him, "Keep your mouth shut, Mr. Linus." Speaking of guns, did Carl always have those arms? He's looking pretty good. Ben: "Carl. Now if you're going to sleep with my daughter, I insist you call me Ben." Heh. Sawyer intervenes before Carl blows Ben's head off, sending the two kids away from him. Ben takes the opportunity to play some mind games with Sawyer, pointing out that if he had stuck around to be rescued with all the others, he never would have been able to compete with a surgeon for Kate's affections once they got home. And then he pushes a little too far, and Sawyer starts beating the crap out of him. Locke stops him, but Sawyer wants to know exactly why they're keeping Ben alive. Locke thinks that he has information they need, and that "apart from his mouth, he's completely harmless." Sawyer points out that Ben didn't use his mouth to shoot Locke -- although it would have been a great trick if he had. Locke suggests they just go ahead and kill Ben, right in front of his daughter. Rousseau must not have been standing close enough, or I'm sure she would have smacked Locke for that. Sawyer sees the fear in Alex's eyes, and gets a little headshake "no" from Hurley, and decides not to murder Ben just yet.

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