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What Is The Monster?

Pictures of the four Boaties are being placed on a desk. A voice, easily recognizable as Naomi's, asks if this is really her team. Another voice, also recognizable as Matthew Abaddon's, asks if she's familiarized herself with their profiles. She has, and she thinks they're exactly the wrong people for a serious mission like...whatever their mission is. Another shot reveals that Naomi and Abaddon are standing in Ominous Abandoned Office Building No. 37. Naomi think the team will be unprotected; Abaddon thinks she's all the protection they need. Naomi describes the mission as "a high-risk covert op in unstable territory." She asks what will happen if they find survivors from Oceanic 815. Abaddon insists that there were no survivors, no matter how hypothetically Naomi tries to frame the question. Abaddon tells her to follow her orders, and that everything relies on her getting the team in and out without anyone getting killed. Whoops. She thinks it sounds like a breeze.

Cut to Naomi's corpse, being carried to the helicopter on a stretcher. Sayid's examining the helicopter, and thinks that it will fly. Miles asks Jack for the phone, and Jack says he can have it if he explains what the Boaties are doing on the island. Miles offers to tell him what they're doing there after he gives up the phone. Jack caves, and Miles dials the phone. Regina answers, and he tells her he needs to speak to Minkowski. He's unavailable at the moment, but she promises to have him call back as soon as possible. Hmmm, someone who doesn't put through unwanted calls. I wonder if Regina would come be my secretary? Miles sees Kate and Daniel carrying Naomi's corpse, and wonders why they're planning on bringing the body along, since it's just a piece of meat. Frank shuts down the argument between faith and science by pointing out that they don't have enough fuel for any extra weight.

Juliet is tending Frank's injuries. They make small talk, and he asks for her name. When he hears it, he knows immediately that she wasn't on the plane, because he has memorized the manifest. He calls out to Miles to tell him that Juliet's a native, and Miles freaks out. He starts running over to Juliet, spittle flying out of his mouth. Jack cuts him off, and Miles starts screaming, asking where "he" is. Juliet asks who he's talking about. Miles tells Jack, "You want to know why we're here? I'll tell you why we're here. We're here for Benjamin Linus." And he shows them a photo of Ben, looking rather natty in his early-eighties striped shirt and white vest, standing in what looks to be a line at customs or a ticket window or something. Miles: "Now where is he?"

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