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What Is The Monster?

Right now, he's being shoved up against a tree with a gun to his face. It's Sawyer, doing both the shoving and the gun-pointing. Charlotte has her vest off, and is much more comfortable, although she's not so comforted by Locke's assertion that she wouldn't be much use to him as a hostage if she were dead. That's exactly the kind of thing you want to hear from your kidnapper. Locke walks over to Sawyer and admits that he was right about Ben. Sawyer offers to kill the little weasel, but Locke thinks he should do it himself. Locke takes the gun, and Alex pleads for Ben's life. Locke asks Rousseau to take her away to spare her the sight of her father's head being blown off. Ben looks thoughtful, and then starts trying to bargain for his own life, telling Locke that he has answers to questions. So Locke asks the absolute most pressing question he can think of: "What is the monster?" Ben's just as flummoxed as the audience, partly because this question is so stupidly irrelevant to anything and partly because he actually doesn't have the answer to that one. Locke thinks this is just another lie, and he prepares to shoot. Ben tells them, "Her name is Charlotte Lewis. Charlotte Staples Lewis." Really, show? We're getting that literal? Locke starts reeling off Charlotte's biographical info, and then spits off some facts about the other three Boaties. (And Miles's last name is "Straum.") Ben warns Locke that if he kills him, he'll never know what Ben knows -- namely, what the Boaties want. Sawyer: "What do they want?" Ben: "Me, James. They want me." Locke, still pointing a gun at Ben, asks him how he knows all this. Ben tells them that he has a man on their boat. Dun DUN! Ben should always get the last line.

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