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This is the Dave I know

Somewhat understandably, Hurley doesn't respond too well to this news. Dave says he knows it's hard. "All this, you, me, this island, that peanut butter -- none of it's real, man! It's all in your head, my friend." Dave says that when Hurley closed the window, his brain "popped a gasket" and he went back into his "coma thing," which is where Dave says Hurley is right this very second, in his "own private Idaho," which I understand is a movie, but how it applies here I am quite unclear. Isn't that about male prostitutes? Sounds like Hurley's flashbacks could possibly be a whole lot more interesting than they are right now. Hurley starts talking about his mom, and Johnny, and tells Dave that he won the lottery. Incredibly insincerely, Dave says, "Wow! Awesome, dude!" and he asks what numbers he played. Hurley gets this look like, "Okay, but you're going to make a big deal about this," but Dave is already answering him with, "Leonard's numbers! What a coincidence!" and Dave asks if he's seen the numbers anywhere else. Hurley quietly says, "The hatch!" Dave's all, bingo! The hatch! Where you have to push a little button every 108 minutes or the world ends. Oh, and by the way, what's the code for the button? The numbers!" But I got better, says Hurley, not very confidently. He says he's changed. Dave tells him to look at himself: "You've been on a deserted island for two months and you haven't dropped ten pounds! How is that even possible, man?" Hurley says he had a stash of food, but he's destroyed it, and he's been exercising, and Libby says things won't happen overnight. Dave starts snickering when Hurley brings up Libby, calling her the "mega-cute blonde chick who magically appeared from the other side of the island. Oh, oh, oh yeah, and just happens to have the hots for you." There's so much contempt in that last bit. Hurley looks defeated. Dave stands up and says they should take a walk, and offers Hurley his hand.

As they stroll through the jungle, Hurley's having some trouble with the idea that this is all in his head. "Every rock, every tree. Every tree frog," says Dave. Hurley doesn't tell him that there are no longer any tree frogs on this island. Dave says the Santa Rosa Dave was real, but that Dave is probably "bouncing from hot chick to hot chick." So I'm making you up, asks Hurley, as they stop for a moment. Dave says that's "sorta" true, but Dave is really part of Hurley's subconscious, as are all the people on the island. "What part of me are you?" asks Hurley. "I'm the part of you that wants to wake up," says Dave, who turns away and tells Hurley to follow him, and they come out onto a coastal cliff, which Dave says is "the big finale," the way for him to snap out of it. Hurley gingerly looks over the cliff, and says he doesn't want to kill himself. "Who said anything about killing yourself, man? This is going to bring you back to life?" Dave says Hurley's gotta tell his mind that he doesn't believe any of this. "So if I..." says Hurley, looking over the cliff again, and he can't even say it, "...all this will be gone? I'll just wake up?" That's right, says Dave, clapping Hurley on the shoulder. "And when you do wake up, come find me. I'm sure I miss ya."

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