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Down the hatch, Jack's examining Locke's leg, like it's about damn time, since it was night when they confronted Gale in the last episode, and now it's the daytime. Locke's able to wiggle the toes on both his feet, but the ones on his right foot give him a little bit of difficulty. He asks Jack if his leg is broken. "Without an X-ray, you're just going to have to do with my best guess," says Jack.

Kate's there too, because she loves Jack again now, like she should just carry a sign around with her at all times, with a picture of Sawyer on one side and a picture of Jack on the other, to denote her status. Jack decides that Locke does indeed have a hairline fracture, and he'll have to be off his feet for a couple of weeks. He starts to say that there's a wheelchair, and Locke is all, "I know! I mean, 'no'! No wheelchair!" Essentially. Jack and Kate are kind of surprised by his outburst, so Kate suggests the crutches they found in the fuselage, which Locke agrees to, so Kate scurries off to get them.

While Jack dresses Locke's leg, Locke says, "He could have escaped," practically to himself. He tells Jack that during the lockdown, Henry could have escaped if he wanted to; so why did he come back to help Locke? "He didn't come back to help you, John; he came back because he thought his story was gonna check out," says Jack, sounding slightly annoyed. Not that he's wrong.

Cut to Faux Henry, in the armoury, only now he's actually strung up, his wrists tied, and he looks like the clichéd cartoon prisoner hanging in a dungeon; all he needs is the long beard to show us how long he's been there. He's trying to tell a very skeptical Sayid that the real Henry Gale, the one who was dug up in the grave, was already dead. "Four months ago. I was part of the search party. Henry Gale? Was hanging out of the basket, neck broken." Ana-Lucia strolls in during this, and Sayid gives her a little "wasssup?" hand gesture, and then turns his attention back to Henry, helpfully finishing the story for him: that Faux Henry then buried him and put up the marker? Ana-Lucia looks quite skeptical. That's right, says Faux Henry. "You really should have checked his wallet before you did that," says Sayid, calmly pulling out an American twenty-dollar bill. He theorizes that "Henry Gale did not have any paper on which to compose his thoughts. So he had to improvise." Faux Henry's eyes have gotten wide, like, "I coulda had twenty bucks? Damn!" Sayid reads from the note, which is addressed to a "Jennifer," and notes that she was right, that crossing the Pacific isn't easy: "I guess I owe you a beer." Henry says that he's going to hike to one of the beaches to start a signal fire, but if Jennifer's reading this, he must not have made it (poor Jenny ain't going to get her beer). Henry finishes with, "I love you, Jenny. Always have, always will. Yours, Henry." Sayid's voice chokes just the tiniest bit as he reads this last bit. He folds up the bill and puts it away, and then asks Faux Henry how the real Henry Gale could have written that if his neck was broken. Great. Another island mystery for us to solve. I -- oh, wait, he's being sarcastic. Faux Henry frantically says that it wasn't him, that he didn't kill Henry. "You don't understand!" he says. Sayid wants to know how Faux Henry knew Gale's wife's name; did he interrogate him? Faux Henry stammers. "How many of you are there?" Faux Henry's gotten real scared: "If I told you about them, you have no idea what he'll do." Sayid's all, "he"? And Ana says, "You mean their leader. The guy with the beard." "Him? He's no one. Nothing." And this is about as illuminating as he's going to get, so Sayid thinks back to his torture training, which apparently uses DVD sets of various seasons of <24 to get the Jack Bauer technique down; he pulls out a gun and says Faux Henry has three seconds to answer his question: "How many of you are there?" Ana-Lucia seems to be cautioning Sayid against this, and Ana-Lucia not wanting someone's ass to get a cap all busted in it is kind of like Sawyer calling for an end to looting. Oh, wait. So Sayid counts to three, while Faux Henry screams and yells, and he pulls the trigger -- but Ana-Lucia pushes his arm aside at the same time, and I guess fortunately no one was hit by the ricochet either.

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