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Ben tells Widmore he will succeed where Widmore failed. "Just as soon as I do one thing. [...] Kill your daughter. In fact, I'm looking at Our Mutual Friend right now." We see Penny on deck as the two men continue their conversation. Run, Penny! Run! Widmore says he doesn't know what Ben's talking about, so Ben explains that "Our Mutual Friend" is the name of Des and Penny's boat. Widmore growls, "Don't you dare," but Ben's not intimidated, because Widmore's all the way over in Old Blighty. He says, "Goodbye, Charles," then hangs up, leaving Widmore staring at his phone.

Craphole; 2007; Daylight: Locke, Ben and Sun work their way through the jungle. Ben wants to know how Locke knows where he's going. When Locke says he doesn't know, Ben presses the subject. "I mean, how does that work, exactly? [...] The knowing. I mean, did it come upon you gradually, or did you wake up one morning, suddenly understanding the mysteries of the universe?" Bitter, much? Locke pretty much says the same thing. Ben doesn't like "having to ask questions that you don't know the answers to, blindly following someone in the hopes that they'll lead you to whatever it is you're looking for." Ben thinks it sucks, and Locke's all in your face. Sun has to nudge them to keep moving.

When they reach the Temple, Ben starts to figure it out, saying it's the same place they brought him when he was a child. "It's where the island healed me." Locke says to hope it's as generous this time around. The three of them take in the ruins and finally Sun asks what it is. Ben says, "It's the wall around our Temple." The temple is about a half mile inside. So that's just the wall? Huh. "We built this wall to keep people like the two of you from ever seeing it." What did Sun ever do? Other than smash Ben with an oar, I mean. Oh, and have an affair? And lie about speaking English. And plan to kill Ben. Oh, never mind. Locke says they're not going in Ben's temple. He walks up to the hole where Haughty Snotty got his arm bit off and looks down, as the music gets ridiculously ominous. "We're going under it."

Ben's eyes grow to twice their normal size which means they'd put an anime character to shame, and he approaches the hole. Locke smiles and says, "After you." Ben looks at it for another moment then turns to Sun. "I need to ask a favor of you, Sun. If you can ever get off this island, find Desmond Hume for me. Tell him I said I was sorry." Sun says, "Sorry for what?" The audience says, "Sorry for What?" The recapper says, "SORRY FOR WHAT?!" Ben shakes his head, or rather his head shakes, almost as if he's afflicted with some sort of palsy. He draws in a sharp breath. "He'll know." He takes one more look at the hole and then climbs down into it. Hold your breath and cross your fingers, because it's time, finally, to jump to our answer.

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