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The inside of a tent. Charles enters to find wee Ben sleeping with his glasses on. His midsection is bandaged and Charles' face seems to soften as he takes in the scene. The boy wakes and Charles takes a seat at his bedside. "Hello, Benjamin." Ben asks what happened, and Charles explains to Ben that he was injured. But when he realizes Ben doesn't remember how, he doesn't elaborate. Ben wants to know where he is. Charles says that he's among friends who will care for him. Ben asks about his dad, so Charles assures Ben that he'll be back to his father "soon enough." Ben moans in pain as he explains that he doesn't want to go back. "I want to stay. I want to be one of you." Charles says, "Just because you're living with them doesn't mean you can't be one of us." The camera lingers on wee Ben whose neck and chest are dotted with beads of sweat. Charles adds, "You should be dead, Benjamin, but this island? It saved your life." Ben says, "Who are you?" Finally, Charles tells us his name. "I'm Charles, Charles Widmore." Second cousin to Bond. James Bond. My side of the family gives our given name, first. I don't know what's up with those Bonds. They always were different with their gadgets and their floozies. We then jump to...

2007; Hydra Island Makeshift Sickbay: Locke wakes the beaten and battered Ben and welcomes him back to the "land of the living." Ben's words and face betray his shock that Locke lives. Then he sits up. "I knew it. I knew this would happen." Clearly, the part of his brain that's in charge of obfuscating could do with some coffee, which does not escape Locke's notice. "Then why are you surprised to see me?" Ben says, "Because it's one thing to believe it, John. It's another thing to see it." Ah, but Ben, blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed, you know, like John Locke.

Locke's not easily mollified and asks Ben why he was trying to run away to the main island. Ben says, "I broke the rules, John. I came back to the island. I was going to answer for what I'd done. I was going back -- to be judged." And hey, we know Richard and Ethan have left the island and returned before, so what's up with this new rule? Locke opens his eyes wide, but his voice remains a near whisper. "Judged? By whom?" Ben says, "John, we don't even have a word for it," (which has to be a lie, yeah?) "But I believe you call it the monster." Locke lifts his head as the music swirls up out and into the title card.

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