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Hydra Island Beach: Ilana wishes Ben a good morning, and he asks her, "What's in the crate?" The "crate" is a huge, metallic case, about big enough to hold a casket, if you ask me. When they transport dead bodies on planes, do they put the caskets in something else? If you know, e-mail me. Ilana says, "Just some stuff we need to get moved." Ben offers to help but a big guy tells him they're all set, so Ben wishes them a "great day" and walks down the beach where he meets Caesar who inquires about his health. "How are you feeling, my friend?" Ben says he feels like "someone hit me with an oar, but I'll live." Caesar nods towards Locke who is standing at the shore line, undoubtedly chanting, "There's no place like home. There's no place like home. There's no place like home." He wants to know what Ben makes of our boy Johnny. Oh Caesar, you're too new here to be asking Ben questions. You're totally going to give away more than you learn, even though you think you're the new island badass with your pilfered gun and flashlight.

Caesar tells Ben how, when he was unconscious, Locke said Ben killed him. And hats off to Michael Emerson (now and, yeah, in every scene he's ever had on this show, ever) -- his delivery here is just incomparable. "I killed him?! Really, 'cause he looks fine to me." Hee. Ben then sows yet more seeds of doubt about Locke in Caesar's mind and fertilizes them with his usual brand. "You know, I don't really remember him from the plane. Do you? [...] What if... he was already here before we crashed? If he thinks I killed him, then he's insane. We may be dealing with a man who's dangerously deranged. Then the question is: what are we gonna do about it?" Caesar says, "Don't worry, my friend," then reveals the shotgun in his bag. "I have your back." Before Caesar departs, they introduce themselves to one another. As Ben stands on sand, drinking his water, and looking from Locke to the departing Caesar, you can almost see him doing the math. And we jump to...

1989; Jungle; Nighttime: What the hell is that? Two minutes ago, I would have told you that Michael Emerson could sell anything. And? I would have been lying like my name was Benjamin Linus, because you know what he can't play? A guy thirty years younger. I kid you not. The whole scene is a(n unintentional) sight gag that defies description other than perhaps HaaaaaaaaaWIGheeeeeeeee! BoyScoutUniformSNORRRRRRRRRRRT heeehaaahoooooo! so see for yourself.. Since they obviously thought Tom Connolly was too young to pull off Charles Widmore circa 1977, whatever made them think Emerson could play Ben in 1989, about a month after the character's 24th birthday? I think I might have more readily accepted young Sterling Beaumon as Ben in this time period. Oh my. I have to get back on track. Everyone close your eyes, wave your hands, because no matter what they tell you, sometimes even seeing isn't believing.

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