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Locke removes his fingers from his lips. "I was just hoping for an apology," which cracks me up, and surprises Ben. Locke then rises to his full height and tells Ben he's decided to help him. Hats off to Terry O'Quinn, here, because he's made Locke a brand new man in this episode, and it's not just the devilishly perfect teeth. It's his entire demeanor. Ben wonders what sort of help he means. Locke wants to help Ben do what he said he was going to do -- be judged. "If everything you've done has been in the best interest of the island, then I'm sure the monster will understand." Ben looks more (truly) scared than maybe he ever has, and this brings a twinkle to Locke's eye as he says, "Let's go." We cut to...

The beach: Ben and Locke remove the natural camouflage from the remaining outriggers. Caesar wants to know what they're doing, so Locke explains that they're taking a boat over to the main island. Caesar isn't too keen on that idea. "I don't think so, my friend." But Locke plays it light, innocent and friendly. "I'm just going to borrow one. I'm happy to leave the other boat for you, in case you want to follow us." Caesar picks up on that last word and asks Ben if he's going with. Ben's still working both angles and whines, "He didn't really give me a choice." Caesar then puts his foot down, and claims to be in charge. Oh my friend, you are so low down on the food chain, Craphole plankton aren't sure you're edible. He tells Locke, "What you are going to do is to sit down and tell us how you know so much about this island, my friend." Locke's as cool as only the resurrected probably can be, and shakes the sand out of Christian Shephard's shoes as he notes, "You're in the habit of calling people 'friends' but I don't think you mean it." Heh. I'm laughing at just about everything Locke says and does this episode, because I so love the new, empowered him, so just assume laughter unless I tell you otherwise.

Caesar orders Locke away from the boat. The two goons behind him move in closer, but Locke's not impressed. Caesar reaches in his bag as he starts to tell Locke he's not going anywhere, but the shotgun is gone. Ben pulls it out of his ass, and says, "Are you looking for this?" Before Caesar can react, Ben shoots him dead or at least "dead." He then points it at the goons and says, "This gentleman and I are taking the boat. Does anyone else have a problem with that?" They don't and back off. Ben turns to Locke, tosses him the shotgun and says, "Consider that my apology." Don't you love how Linus works? He set Caesar up in such a way that if Locke hadn't been inclined to give Ben a chance, Caesar would have protected him. Once it is clear Locke's not going to stop Ben from going back to Craphole, he uses the pre-manipulated Caesar to make it look like he's so on John's side that he'll even kill for him. I love to hate that evil little genius.

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