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It's still daylight when Ben and Locke arrive at the Craphole dock and Ben exclaims, "Home sweet home," with more than a little trepidation. When Locke notices the other outrigger, Ben explains that Sun and Lapidus are already here. "I showed 'em where the boats were, and Sun thanked me by smashing me on the head with a paddle." Locke asked if she's the one who hurt the arm Ben has been favoring, but Ben says someone else did that. Meeeep. I DON'T WANT TO THINK ABOUT WHERE BEN GOT HIS INJURIES. When Locke cracks, "You just make friends everywhere you go," Ben replies, "Well, I've found sometimes that friends can be significantly more dangerous than enemies, John." Locke brings up shooting the unarmed Caesar and Ben explains that Caesar was only unarmed because Ben had already stolen his gun, with which he would have killed Locke. Locke laughs. "No sense in me dying twice, right?" Yeah, it's not like you're Buffy or anything.

They blah blah blah about going to Ben's house because that's the only place from which he can summon Smokey, and about how he'll either be forgiven or won't. Then Locke accuses him of lying. John, it only took you a few seasons, but you're all caught up now. Good for you and your scary teeth. Oh wait, what he thinks Ben's lying about is his desire to "be judged for leaving the island and coming back because it's against the rules." He's probably right about that. Locke adds, "I don't think you care about rules." Ben asks what Locke thinks he wants to be judged for, then. Locke says, "For killing your daughter." He walks off and leaves Ben there to have an epiphany. And we jump to...

1989; Nighttime: Ben, baby Alex, and Ethan return to camp, where Alan Dale's Charles Widmore chews Ben out for not exterminating the woman and it, meaning the baby. Ben argues that Danielle is a crazy woman and no threat and that the baby isn't an it, but a child. Widmore says that every decision he's made he has made in order to protect the island, so Ben trots out Richard's well-worn trump card. "Is killing this baby what Jacob wants?" Widmore seems to be sizing Ben up, and Richard looks on with great interest. Alex fusses as Ben makes to hand her over to Widmore. "Then here she is." Baby Alex cries that she won't go with Widmore unless she can have a Desmond of her own when she grows up. Ben ignores that and says, "You do it." Widmore scoffs and walks away. Ben and the baby seem to have a moment, then he searches Richard's face, and perhaps he finds approval there, it's hard to tell, but I don't think it would have mattered to Ben if he didn't. And we jump to...

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