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After Frank's gone, Sun asks Locke how to find Jin, but Locke tells her Ben has something to do first. Locke tells him to get to it, so Ben pulls the bookcase from the wall and enters his super seekrit room, goes to the closet, pushes the clothing aside and opens a panel behind it. The wall beyond seems to be solid stone with various carvings in it. It's not a wall though, it's a door and Ben struggles to push that open, too. Once inside, he lights a lantern and descends a handful of steps to a short tunnel through which he has to crawl. At its end, he can again stand. He puts his lantern down next to the murky puddle at his feet, kneels down, and fishes around in it, until he... finds the drain stopper? No. Really. He pulls it out and the water drains away. Clockwise. Not that that matters. Ben's voice shakes as he tells the hole where the puddle used to be, "I'll be outside." He grabs his lantern and rises to his feet as we jump to...

Sometime After the Purge -- 1992 or later: Ben pushes little-girl Alex (who looks more like she's six years old than three) on the New Otherton swing set. He's still wearing an awful wig, but somehow it helps to think he's 30ish. Okay, not much, but let's pretend. Richard comes over and tells Ben the sub is leaving but that he doesn't have to see "him" off. Over the sounds of Alex squealing, "Higher daddy, higher," Ben tells Richard that he does. And we cut to...

The Dock: Widmore is being escorted to the sub when Ben catches up to him and says he came to say goodbye. Widmore corrects that Ben came to "gloat." Ben says he brought this on himself. "You left the island regularly. You had a daughter with an outsider. You broke the rules, Charles." Charles says, "And what makes you think you deserve to take what's mine?" Ben says that he won't be selfish. Ha. "I'll sacrifice anything to protect this island." Charles points out that Ben wouldn't sacrifice Alex. Ben says, "You're the one who wanted her dead, Charles, not the island." I love all the implications in this. I mean, I'm a religious person myself, but I love how these guys claim to know what the island wants, just like people claim to know what God wants. Widmore adds, "I hope you're right, Benjamin, because if you aren't and it is the island that wants her dead, she'll be dead. And one day, you'll be standing where I'm standing now. You'll be the one being banished, and then you'll finally realize that you cannot fight the inevitable." He gets right in Ben's face. "I'll be seeing you, boy." The guards escort Charles to the sub, as Ben chews on the bitter cud of his words. And we jump to...

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