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Claire's walking along the beach, by the raft-in-progress. Jin's working on it, and appears to be the only one, as Mercutio and Sawyer are taking a break by cooking some fish over the fire. Well, Mercutio's taking a break, since Sawyer (who offers "mamacita" Claire some fish) never does anything. This looks like the same racial division of labour that built Canada's railroad in the 19th century. Claire asks when the raft will be ready, and Mercutio says a week, maybe less. He asks if she's okay, and she says she's fine and she'll see them later. "She likes me," says Sawyer, smugly. Mercutio yells at Jin to take a break and have some fish, but Jin waves him off. "Man's got what I call an overzealous work ethic," says Sawyer, which for Sawyer I think is anybody who, you know, actually works, and Mercutio notes how badly Jin wants to get off the island, like this is what's supposed to be what's wrong with Jin? And since there wasn't time for this in the "previously on Lost" scenes, Sawyer reminds everyone that all this time Sun has known how to speak English and Jin had no idea. "I'm surprised he didn't try to swim out of here," says Sawyer, who is thankfully interrupted from expounding on his theories on women and work by Kate, who breathlessly tells him that she needs all his alcohol.

And all I can say is THANK GOD Sawyer doesn't make her kiss him or shine his shoes or whatever the hell, as we cut to Sawyer handing over everything he's got, asking how the accident happened. Kate tells him that Boone fell off a cliff while he and Locke were hunting boar. "The boar they never seem to get," he growls, and maybe someone could point out that zero boar is also exactly how much Sawyer has brought to the lostaways' dinner table. He asks if Kate needs anything else, and offers to come back with her. "There's already too many cooks," she says, and it seems to me that there was actually one cook and three slack-jawed gawkers, but we could argue semantics all day.

Back at the 4077th, Jack's doing his best to treat Boone's wounds as Sun helps and Hurley and some extra close off the area with the netting that Jack sent him for. "He needs blood," says Jack. "A transfusion." Sun doesn't know how Jack plans to do that, but Jack says he'll figure something out. For now he's going to dress the leg. He looks beat. Sun tells him she can do it, and tells Jack to get some air. He hesitates, then finally goes.

If the point of taking a break is to relax for a moment, that's totally defeated by bumping into Charlie, who asks about a million questions like "how is he?" and "where's Locke?" and "what happened?" and "whatever happened to Lostzilla? And Rose? And the 'others'?" and all kinds of questions that Jack doesn't have the answers to. He finally snaps at Charlie when he asks where Shannon is, who Charlie reminds Jack for some reason is Boone's sister, and Jack yells that he doesn't know.

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