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Is Grey's Anatomy any good? I can't say it looks too appealing to me. They're trying to make a point about people who don't think women can be doctors, by having a pretty woman strip down to her underwear and yelling about her breasts? Talk about mixed messages. That's the Boston Public approach, isn't it? "This school's cheerleading squad's routine is much too sexy for high school girls, as you'll see during an extended sequence of sexy girls in skimpy clothes dancing suggestively!"

Apparently, Claire's contractions have stopped. While she's excited about that, Kate cautions her that she thinks that sometimes happens. Claire basically puts her hands over her ears and goes "la la la la la la la la can't hear you." Then her water breaks (and Kate's the one who realizes it) and Claire starts to freak about how she can't have the baby now. Kate tells her that Jack's coming.

Only Jack ain't coming. With a tube stuck in his arm pumping blood into Boone, he's pacing around. Boone finally seems to regain consciousness. "Screwed myself up pretty bad, huh?" Jack warns him against moving, and asks if he can breathe okay. Boone starts muttering about the plane, and Jack tells him Locke said he fell from a cliff. Boone says it was a plane, and he whispers something about the hatch. "John said not to tell about the hatch," he says, haltingly. Jack's all, "What hatch?" but Boone zonks out again, murmuring "Shannon" a couple of times.

Shannon's making out with Sayid over on Dramatic Irony Beach. She interrupts the snogging to come clean (mostly) with Sayid about Boone, telling Sayid that Boone is actually her stepbrother, and "kind of in love" with her. Sayid asks what her feelings are towards him. She says she'll always feel "something" for him. "But am I 'in love' with him in that way? No," she says, and how convenient that she leaves out the part where she skronked him. "We're here for God knows how long. And so is Boone," she says, and the air grows thick with anvils. Sayid suggests going back to camp. She says she wants to stay, but she wants to take it slow. Translation: she and Sayid aren't going to play prisoner/interrogator tonight. "Are you okay with that?" she asks, like I guess he'd better be. "I had no expectations," he lies. She glances toward the picnic spread, and Sayid concedes that he had "hopes, not expectations," like, how noble of you to keep it in your pants, Sayid.

Claire's screaming about the pain, and I can't imagine the arrival of Jin and Charlie is going to put her in a better mood. Kate demands to know why Jack isn't coming. "He's pouring his own blood into Boone's arm right now," he tells her, and Kate fortunately realizes that if Charlie accepts that Jack couldn't come for his precious Claire, then that means Jack really couldn't come. So she starts babbling about how they're going to have to carry Claire to the caves, and Charlie interrupts her to tell her that Jack says Kate's going to have to deliver the baby, which freaks her out, saying she can't deliver the baby. "Well, someone bloody has to!" he says. Meanwhile, Jin's doing his best to calm Claire down somewhat. "The flower of your loins will soon be blossoming," he tells her (I'm guessing). She says that she was kidnapped for more than a week and is worried that something was done to the baby. "I'm so scared," she says. Kate, not to be left out, adds that she's also scared, like, I think Claire's fear trumps yours right now, Kate. "But we're gonna get through this together," she says. Claire seems to accept this.

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