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That "letting go" nonsense is really all we're supposed to learn from this, okay? Message received. Back to Craphole Island, where Sun is tending to Boone while Mercutio and Jack examine a large cargo container with a sliding front door, much like a breadbox or garage door. Mercutio suggests using the axe instead, but Jack nixes that. "What are you doing?" asks Sun. Jack explains that they can't save Boone without stopping the blood from pooling in his leg. Sun sees where he's going with that, and is shocked. "The leg's dead," says Jack. And in case nobody else knows what he means, he takes a piece of wood and places it across the threshold of the cargo container door. He slams the door down, slicing the wood in two. What sick fuck designed this guillotine cargo container? "There's no other choice," says Jack. Commercials.

Kate advises Claire that it's about time she started pushing. Instead, Claire starts holding her breath. Kate tells her that if she holds her breath she's not going to be able to push, and then figures out that that's precisely why she's doing it. "You can't stop it, this is happening," she says. "Your baby's coming, and I need your help!" Claire's insisting that the baby won't want her, because it will somehow know that Claire initially wanted to give the baby up for adoption, and fortunately Kate doesn't identify that as the nonsense it is, and points out that Claire now does want the baby and wants it to be happy and healthy and all that good stuff. And she tells Claire that everyone is there for her, which is nonsense. "This baby is all of ours," she adds, which again is bullshit, but it would have been a nice attitude to have had when Claire was, you know, KIDNAPPED. Kate says she needs Claire to push, so Claire goes for it, pushing and grunting for all she's worth.

Sitting a short distance away are Jin and Charlie, who springs to his feet at the sound of Claire in pain, but he's stopped quickly (and amusingly) by Jin, who just gives him a slight shake of the head. Charlie sits back down.

Back at the caves, Mercutio and Jack are preparing for the amputative exercise in futility while Sun looks after Boone, who's now coughing up blood. She shows the sodden handkerchief to Jack. He looks tired, rough, and the loss of blood couldn't have helped. He blinks a few times, then says, "Let's go," and proceeds, getting Sun to help life Boone onto a makeshift gurney. She's yelling at him that Boone's bleeding inside. "You can't save him, Jack!" she yells, kind of like Adrian yelling, "You can't win, Rocky!" and Jack roars at her, "Don't tell me what I can't do!" exactly like Locke would say. He maneuvers Boone into position and gets the leg ready for some separation anxiety. Mercutio's looking vaguely horrified as well, and Jack tells him he doesn't need to watch. Mercutio just says that Jack needs his help. Jack looks over for a long stare-down with Sun, who's standing there all, "J'accuse!" She breaks first and turns away. Jack looks conflicted. And we're going with doubtful, and now determined, and now doubtful again, and now agonized (or constipated), and as Jack grabs hold of the Cargo Door O' Death, he grimaces, and we flash back to his Fiancéetron 3000 reciting the vows she programmed herself.

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