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What To Expect When You're Expecting Trouble

Scout Troop 108 of Craphole Island is gathered around the downed pilot. Jin asks Desmond who she is, but Desmond claims not to know her despite the fact that she knows his name. She is unconscious and muttering, but no one knows what she is saying until Hurley recognizes it as Spanish. He translates that she is dying. They don't understand why she is saying that until they pull aside her jacket and find a branch sticking out of her. They all panic Keystone Kops style. Desmond tells Hurley to get the first aid kit, but Hurley is immobilized with the thought that their rescuer is dying! Oh Hurley, three seasons in and you still aren't used to this plot device? As Hurley finally runs for the medical kit, Desmond and Charlie argue about how they obviously need Jack, but they can't take her to the beach in that state, but it would take at least sixteen hours to get to Jack and back! Desmond says he will run, but Charlie can't let him go without reminding him that they are not alone on the Island and that some people (Not saying who! No finger pointing here!) would like them all dead. Desmond screeches (in a sexy Scottish way), "No one knows we are here!" Just then Hurley fires a flare straight into the air. As everyone turns to stare at him, he mutters "oops" as disingenuously as possible for a guy who just "accidentally" put his finger on the trigger and "accidentally" shot a flare gun.

Back in the lovely love nest of an apartment, Sun is unpacking boxes when Jin comes in with Sun's favorite for dinner: tofu soup! There is something seriously wrong with that. Sun asks if she can put a photo of her family on the table. Jin looks at the photo and says that even in a cap and gown, Sun is the sexiest woman he's ever seen. Oh, newlyweds are so cute! Just you wait, Miss Sun! In a few years Jin will look at that picture and tell you that you look like an oversized Brainy Smurf with a pizza box on your head and your mom and dad hate him so why do you have to have their picture in the living room to remind him of all his failures? Sun smiles and asks if he has any photos of his family. He says that they didn't have a camera growing up. She pushes him and he gets aggro when she catches him in the lie. She apologizes and changes the subject. Oh, newlyweds are so cute!

Kate and Sun are doing something to Kate's tent. Sawyer-proofing, perhaps? Sun catches Kate staring at Dr. Jack, and she asks Kate what she thinks happened to Jack when he was with the Others. Kate says that he said he was pretty much a prisoner and did whatever they said in hopes they would let him off the Island. Sun suggests that maybe he is working for Them now. He was alone with them for an entire week and when he came back he started asking her all sorts of questions about her baby. Maybe the Others want her baby? Maybe Sun is the only smart person on the Island? Except for Sayid, of course, but he is apparently on an Island press junket for his new movie and is nowhere to be seen... sigh. Kate yells over the scary music that has started up, "He's not working with them!" Tipped off by the doom-and-gloom tune, Sun is suspicious and asks Kate if she knows something. Kate looks troubled, but in a shocking turn of events, she decides to tell Sun what she knows. The celebratory information-sharing confetti and balloons drop down! Hooray for communication! Kate points at Juliet and says she was the Others' fertility doctor, and when Claire was sick, Juliet told her and Jack that the reason the Others wanted Claire's baby was for research. Sun looks grim, but decides to take action. She charges over to Juliet. Kate races after her, but Sun tells her to go away. Sun gets all up in Juliet's face and demands to know what happens to pregnant women on the Island. She wants to know why they are taking children. Juliet perks up and asks Sun if she is pregnant. Sun doesn't answer but starts twitching and yelling that everyone else may be okay with her eating their food and washing her clothes, but she wants answers. Go Sun go! Sun points her finger in Juliet's face and yells that she wants to know what happens to pregnant women on the Island! Juliet tells her that they all die. Sun looks stunned. Kate walks up and leads Sun away, giving Juliet some serious bitch face as she goes.

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