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What To Expect When You're Expecting Trouble

Patch says the pilot is fine. As long as they keep the wound clean (easy task in the middle of a jungle, no doubt) she should be fine in a day. Charlie snorts, "A day? Her lung was punctured." Don't argue with the doctor, Charlie! Patch smirks and says that wounds are different on the Island, so maybe a day and a half. Patch gets up from his examination of the patient and says he kept his word and saved the pilot. Now they have to let him go. He walks off while Charlie and Desmond argue about whether they should let him leave. Desmond argues that they have to build a stretcher and carry the pilot back and can't keep a prisoner as well. Charlie says that he will take responsibility. Jin meanwhile has figured out that Patch has made off with the satellite phone. Jin rushes after him and the others follow, not understanding what Jin is doing. He grabs Patch, shakes him down, and gets the phone back. Desmond is upset, and Charlie can't believe he would try something like that. Um, why? They are always trying something like that. Patch smirks and says, "You wouldn't respect me if I didn't try, eh?" I haven't heard that line since I was in high school! Charlie tries to play like the big boys and asks Patch if he would respect him if he took his Other eye. Patch basically pats him on the head and Charlie makes a hobbit-sized attempt at a bum rush. Desmond and Jin hold him back and despite Charlie's protestations that they can't keep letting the Others go, Desmond lets him go because they gave their word. And if a man doesn't have his word, what does he have? Desmond looks exactly like this picture of Jesus my mother has in her bathroom. He watches over you while you tinkle. It's very reassuring.

In the medical station, Sun announces that the baby is not Jin's. They tried to have a baby back in Korea and it didn't work. The doctor said Jin was infertile. Juliet says that was before they came here. Dirty! She explains that the average male sperm count is between fifty and sixty million. On the Island it is five times that. TMI. She says she thinks those are pretty good odds. I think with that much excess sperm around, it's a good idea not to sit on any toilet seats , to knock really loudly before entering any tents, and to stay far, far away from the porn stash. Oh, and Kate? Maybe you should Sawyer-proof your knickers, too. Juliet tells Sun to lift her shirt so she can do the ultrasound. Sun asks if she will see the baby, and Juliet says it's still her first trimester so they might. Sun asks how it works, and Juliet explains that it's magic! Sun has apparently never seen or heard of an ultrasound machine before. Juliet explains that she will measure the fetus and figure out when it was conceived and then they will know who... Sun looks distressed. She has realized that she loses either way: if she is going to live, the baby is not Jin's. If the baby is Jin's, then she is totally going to have to look for a new television show. Juliet asks her if she wants to do it anyway, and she says yes. Juliet smiles, "The moment of truth," and starts the ultrasound.

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