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What To Expect When You're Expecting Trouble

In the early morning light, Sun stumbles up the stairs of the medical station. Juliet is closing the hatch doors when she notices that Sun is not doing so well. She comes over to Sun who asks how long she has. Juliet says that most of the women made it until the middle of their second trimester. No one made it to her third. Sun says she has two months. Which is two years based on the current Lost timeline. Don't file for unemployment yet, Sun! Sun says she is happy that the baby is Jin's. Juliet gave her good news. Juliet smiles and says she is going back into the medical facility to cover their tracks. She wants to make sure everything is in order. Sun decides to stay outside. Juliet rushes back into the station, heads for the locker room, reaches into a locker, pulls out a tape recorder and makes a report to Ben. She says it is 6:00 AM on Saturday morning. She has confirmed Sun's pregnancy, the fetus is healthy, and it was conceived on Island, with her husband, who was sterile before coming to the Island. She says she will try to get samples from the other women. She should have Austen's soon. She will report back then. She so evil! She turns off the tape recorder and adds the postscript: "I hate you." She so complicated!

Charlie and Jin are making a stretcher to carry the pilot back to the beach. Charlie tells Desmond that you can't trust the Others. They should have killed Patch before he comes back with five more. Desmond says, "By my count, you have killed more of them then they have of you." Charlie says, "They started it." Desmond says, "I am rubber you are glue." The pilot wakes up while Hugo is pretending to call his mom on the satellite phone. I guess being marooned on an Island must be boring after awhile. The pilot asks where she is, and Hugo confesses he doesn't know. Hugo asks her if she's there to rescue them and if there are more people with her and if she can make her phone work. She asks who he is. He introduces himself and says they are survivors of Flight 815. The pilot says that is impossible. Hurley says it wasn't easy, but they found a hatch with food. She says it's impossible because they found Oceanic Flight 815. They found the plane. There were no survivors. They were all dead. Hurley and I ask simultaneously, "What?" Mr. Conspiracy Theory is jumping up and down in glee. As for me, I'm too drunk to care. Which is just the way I like it.

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