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Ben, You're Always Running Here and There
chard. Jack gives Hurley the stink-eye. "At least he's not stalling." Heh.

Beach: Ben digs through Sawyer's stash, and finds a skin rag (Title: Booty Babes: "Big, Bouncy, Beautiful Buns"; the graphic on the model's flank reads "The 'B' Spot"; Other headlines include: "Going There" and "Getting to the Bottom of It"). He also finds a book: Benjamin Disraeli -- Justice and Truth in Action. There's no author's name on the book, and I can't find any evidence that it exists. "Justice is truth in action," is a famous Disraeli quote, though. While considering the "Buns" magazine, Ben clutches his metaphorical pearls as he tsks the things some people will bring on a trip. Word, Felix. He doesn't give the Disraeli book much attention and completely ignores the most pertinent book lying right in front of him: Chiam Potok's The Chosen. Oh my word, that book. That book! I love it and I want to go on and on about it right now, but I think I'll save that for the end, to spare those of you who just want to get on with the show.

When Ben finds an Oceanic Airlines water bottle, he tells Frank he remembers that plane breaking in half like it was yesterday. Frank accuses him of sounding nostalgic (the "over a ghastly tragedy" is implied). Ben admits that maybe he is. Frank then reveals he was supposed to be flying that plane. Ben can't believe it when Frank says he overslept. Frank says, "Imagine how different my life would be if that alarm had gone off." Um...probably not very, Frank, unless you were full on dead, like the first pilot. Ben sort of agrees with me. "How different would it have been? The island still got you in the end, didn't it?" Frank cocks his head as he considers this with a chuckle. When he then flashes an all-too-bright smile of approval, Ben beams, thinking it's for him, but it's actually for Ilana and the rifle she's about to shove against Ben's neck. And she does just that. Ilana then orders Ben to walk, and marches him up to Boone's Bluff, where she chains him with cables and a make-shift shackle she MacGyvered up from the final remains of the fuselage. She then commands him to start digging a grave. "You murdered Jacob. It's for you." Whee!

L.A. Reality; School Library: Ben quizzes Alex on Cornwallis, the East India Trading Company, the Charter Act of 1813, etc. When she can't answer the last question, she freaks out. Ben reminds her it's just a test, but Alex says it's her entire life. Her mother works two jobs just to pay the rent. "How I am going to pay for college, never mind Yale, assuming I get in?"

Ben tells Alex she's his best and brightest, assures her he has every confidence in her, and offers to write her a recommendation. Alex says she needs one from an alum, though, like that "pervert" Principal Reynolds. Ben is flustered by this, and prods to make sure that Reynolds hasn't been perving on Alex. He hasn't. He's just been doing it, in the hearing test room, with school nurse Kim Kondracki, who must have forgotten Alex was in sickbay, sleeping off a tummy ache. I've been out of high school for longer than I care to admit, but the thought of any of my former school principals doing it with any of my school nurses shuts my libido down for at least a week. For my husband's sake, I'm going to move forward. Suffice it to say that Ben promises to keep the conversation a secret. "A promise is a promise." Suffice it to say: Ben lies. While they return to their study of the high seas, we watch the gears in Ben's mind whir and click into place. He's having a thought. Now, he's having a plan!

Island Reality; Lost-Away Beach; Boone's Bluff: Ilana patrols the shore in front of Ben, making sure to give him the evil eye whenever she passes. Soon Miles approaches with some mockery and some food. "Hope you like green beans and banana, 'cause that's all we got." I wonder if they have Sun's gardening to thank for the green beans. Ben's not hungry for food, but he is hungry for freedom -- for life.

Ben reminds Miles of the time he tried to bribe Ben for 3.2 million bucks. Miles asks if he's going to write him a check on a banana leaf (ha) but Ben explains that he can get off the island, and has contacts all over the world -- wealthy, connected ones. He can get Miles whatever he wants. Miles says, "Why would I need your money, when there are a couple of jabonis under there named Nikki and Paolo, who got buried alive with 8 million dollars in diamonds -- on top of them?" Ben whines that he can't believe that Miles is going to stand by and let Ilana "murder" him, "for killing Jacob -- a man who didn't even care about being killed." Miles says, "No, he cared. [...] Right up until the second the knife went through his heart, he was hoping he was wrong about you. I guess he wasn't." As soon as Miles starts off, Ilana fires a shot at the ground near Ben's feet. "DIG!" As Ben gets back to work, lets hop over to...

Jungle Trek; Hurley, Jack, and Richard: Since Richard looks the same as he did 30 years ago, Hurley figures he's time-traveling, or a cyborg. Richard says he's not. When Hurley suggests, "Vampire?" Richard doesn't answer. You be the judge! After Richard is done rolling his eyes, he says, "Jacob gave me a gift." Jack's ears perk up at the mention of the name. "Jacob! What do you know about him?" Richard says, "I know he's dead," right before he arrives at his destination...

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