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Ben, You're Always Running Here and There

Boone Bluff: Ilana is a little ways down the beach, keeping an eye on Ben and doesn't hear the telltale ticka ticka rattle clank as it approaches. Ben hears it though, and he pauses and waits, until FAUCKE appears. He says he's just visiting, but Linus isn't impressed, on account of the fact that he's digging his own grave. Ben points out Ilana (eating a mango) and explains that she's Jacob's bodyguard. "So now you've got what you wanted, because she's going to kill me."

Faucke says, "I don't want you to die, Ben. In fact, I went back to the statue to get you, but you'd already gone." I think that's a bald-faced lie. He wants Ben to die; he just wants him to die after everyone else, except, possibly, Sayid. Faucke says he's gathering a group to leave this place for good. "But, once we're gone, someone's going to need to be in charge of the island." Si habla Benjaminese, presione el numero uno. Faucke can't think of a better man for the job, and so as soon as Ben starts complaining about his inconvenient circumstances, Faucke unlocks Ben's shackles...with his MIND!!! Even Ben finds this fairly freaksome, enough such that he's speechless. Faucke tells him to come to the other island, to the Hydra station. You've got the teeth of the hydra upon you. You're dirty sweet and you're my girl. "That's where we'll be." Ben insists Ilana will come after him, so Faucke tells him that just 200 yards inland from where he now digs, there's a tree in a clearing. Ben will find a rifle leaning up against it. "If you go now, you'll get there first, and you'll have the drop on her." Ben tries not to stare. Faucke adds, "But don't hesitate. She won't.... See you soon, Ben."

Once Faucke is gone, Ben looks over to Ilana, who just happens to be looking back at him. He doesn't dig another shovel full. Instead, he casts his tool in the sand and beats a path through the jungle. Ilana follows -- hot on his heels -- and we flash sideways to...

L.A. Reality: Ben knocks on Principal Reynolds' door. He hands Reynolds a stack of 30 e-mails, covering a 3 month period. "It's pretty lascivious stuff, would be fine if it was private, but they seem to describe acts which took place on school property -- acts which, morality aside -- I think the school board would frown on -- not to mention your wife." Ben states his case clearly and simply. Reynolds is to resign for personal or health reasons, and ironically, because the board holds him in such esteem, he will recommend Linus as his replacement. "So, do we have an understanding?"

Reynolds never blinks. Instead, he shows Ben an e-mail he recently received. It reads:

Dear Principal Reynolds,

I would appreciate it if you could write a letter of recommendation to Yale, on my behalf. It would mean the world to me.


Alexandra Rousseau

Reynolds holds Alex's rec over Ben's head and puts the ball back in his court (in fact, he threatens to "torch" Ms. Rousseau). And to drive home the point that the Ben in this reality has no frakking clue about the Ben from the Island reality, this reality's Ben does not demand that a letter of recommendation be included with Reynolds' letter of resignation. Instead, he just blinks. We can't help but remember when once, Ben held Alex's life in his hands, but decided the island was where he needed to lay down all his chips. But what will he do this time? Only the future can tell.

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