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On the beach, Daniel and Charlotte are browsing through the delicious Dharma foodstuffs, while Jack tries the satellite phone and gets a busy signal. Someone on the freighter's trying to win tickets to REO Speedwagon, I bet. Juliet suggests trying another number, like 911. Jack rudely doesn't even bother to dignify that with a response.

Sun is quite distressed to find out that they haven't heard from Sayid yet, given that he left for the boat yesterday. She wonders if maybe Locke was right. "Locke has no idea what he's doing," snaps Jack. "Then why is Kate with him?" says Sun, probably because she wants to piss Jack off even more than he is already. Even Juliet looks at Jack like, "Ooooh, burn."

Claire and Kate are hanging clothes up to dry outside while Aaron coos in a basket nearby. Kate stares at Locke's front door, and then asks Claire if Locke really has Ben down there. "I saw Rousseau take him in there last night," says Claire. Does Locke ever go out? asks Kate. Claire says Locke's been in there cooking all day, since he's invited them all to dinner.

Just then, Aaron starts to squawk, and as Claire has an armful of sheets, she asks Kate to get him. Kate hesitates. "Just pick him up and rock him a little bit," says Claire. Kate says she's not very good with babies, and she wouldn't want to make him more upset. Claire smiles and passes off the sheets, and collects her baby. Kate watches the two of them. "You're so good with him," she says. "You know, you should try it sometime," says Claire. Note to Kate: I believe Claire means you should try it sometime with your own baby. Given how obvious the show is making this, I don't know if I would even call that a spoiler.

Flash forward to Kate's trial, with Judge Lazer Thong settling into his seat. As everyone takes their seats, Duncan leans over and whispers, "Don't fire me, okay?" and says they got killed in the opening, so he had to do this. Then he stands up and calls Dr. Jack Shephard to the stand. There goes the murmuring gallery again!

Jack strides in, all cock of the walk. I'm half surprised he doesn't wink at the gobsmacked Kate as he struts by. The DA stands up and says she must renew her objection to this witness, and the judge renews his overruling of her objection. The judge informs the jury that they need to be aware that the witness met the defendant only after the crimes she is accused of committing, and is to be considered a character witness only. The jury members chuckle when the defence attorney asks Jack to introduce himself for the benefit of those who don't read newspapers or watch television.

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