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Locke tells Kate he doesn't need to know why she did what she did, but he just wants to know what they told each other. Kate tells him, and starts to apologize, but he cuts her off. "You're not welcome here anymore. I want you gone by morning," he says, and stomps out. A bemused Kate watches him go.

Flash forward to Kate in some sort of courthouse library, during a break in the trial. Duncan, who certainly likes surprises, brings Kate's mother in. She's in a wheelchair, and has an oxygen tube feeding into her nose. "I worked it out so you two can have a few moments of privacy." Kate says she doesn't want it, but Duncan says Kate needs to talk to her, and he'll be outside. May I just ask who exactly he "worked it out" with? Because I'm reasonably sure the DA didn't give approval for an unsupervised meeting between the defendant and the star witness for the prosecution.

Diane says hello, and asks if it's true what Jack said about Kate being a hero. I'm kind of confused by this too -- since the Oceanic Six are apparently celebrities, and there must have been some sort of story told about what happened to them all, wouldn't this already be common knowledge (even given that it's a bunch of lies)? At any rate, Kate doesn't answer, and Diane wants to know why she won't talk to her. Kate snaps that the last time she tried to talk to her, when Diane got sick, she screamed for help and called the police. "I don't want to fight with you, Katherine," says Diane. She slowly says it all changed when she thought Kate was dead. Well, it didn't change so much that you didn't agree to testify against your daughter, did it? "My doctors have given me six months to live for the last four years," she says, and adds that she doesn't want to testify against Kate. "Then don't," says Kate. It does seem rather simple, doesn't it? "I want to see my grandson," says Diane. Kate's aghast that her mom wants to make a deal, although I don't think it's that bad. Let Diane see this mysterious son of yours, cripple the case against you. Even if you can't stand your mom anymore, she's going to die soon, right? "I don't want you anywhere near him," snaps Kate, and then she knocks on the door and announces they're finished. Well, that could have gone better.

Kate walks into Sawyer's bedroom. He sits up, startled, only I assume he hangs out shirtless like this just for these sorts of encounters. She sits down on the bed, and he apologizes for not being able to do anything about Locke. "I wanted him to think that you fooled me too. No sense in him not trusting both of us." Kate says Locke wants her gone by tomorrow. "What, he...banished you?" says an incredulous Sawyer. "Well, I unbanish you," he adds, and pulls off Kate's shoes, and I think he thinks "unbanish" means "undress," saying she can stay right there. "It's my house," he says. We hear a toilet flush. "Me and Montezuma's house," amends Sawyer, who I suppose doesn't have bowel movements of his own. "I'll keep you safe," he says, all stubbly tenderness, and they start making out.

Nighttime at the beach, and Charlotte and Daniel are sitting across from each other, three face-down playing cards on a makeshift table between them. "Time. What do you remember?" Daniel haltingly says queen of diamonds, six of clubs, and, especially struggling on the last one, the "red ten of hearts." Charlotte flips the cards over. Daniel's right on the first two, but the last card is the three of spades. "It's two out of three. It's not bad. It's progress," says Charlotte. I hate to tell Charlie Babbitt here that she and Raymond are never going to crack Vegas with two out of three. Daniel's a lot more skeptical that this qualifies as progress, but their discussion is interrupted by Juliet and Jack.

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