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Locke and Load

Back on the beach, Sawyer is Sulky McSulkston since Hurley beat him down at ping-pong. Sawyer feels hustled. Hurley explains that his mom had a table in the basement, and he also played a lot in the institution and got good. Sawyer shouldn't feel bad since he got three points, and the last serve didn't leave a mark on his forehead. Oh, Hurley, you didn't! Sawyer wants to know if Hurley is there for a reason. He wants to make a peace offering and give Sawyer some of his stuff back, because he seems like a guy who needs stuff. Apparently Hurley says "stuff" and means porn, because he tosses a stack of dirty magazines at Sawyer. So Sawyer looks like a guy who needs "stuff," huh? Guess it's time to shave, Sawyer! A quick aside: How did all this porn get on that one airplane? Who travels with girlie mags? Don't you just buy it at your destination? And if you do bring it with you, do you carry it on? Or check it and risk the TSA guys swiping it? Truly one of life's big mysteries. Sawyer looks disinterested, so Hurley knows something is wrong. He tells him not to worry about Kate; she's with Locke and Sayid. She'll be okay. Sawyer is about to call Hurley something nickname-ish, but Hurley stops him short. It's "Hurley" or "Hugo." Sawyer tells him to get bent. Hurley ponders the possibility.

While Kate grabs extra ammunition and Sayid packs up the prisoner, Locke decides to play one last game of chess. He wins again, and when the Dharma guy asks him if there has been a hostile incursion on the station, Locke takes a deep breath and enters 77. Sayid has Patch tied up at gunpoint as he heads outside and calls for Rousseau. Sayid asks Patch if he was ever a member of the Dharma Initiative, or whether it was all a lie. Patch says that was never a member of Dharma, but everything else he said was true. He came to live at the Flame station after the Purge. Sayid isn't buying the Purge. He doesn't believe that Dharma, purportedly a group of peacenik scientists, attacked the Others. In a cleansing burst of either massive hinting or complete coincidence, Rousseau shows up right then. See? Sayid says "scientists," and Rousseau appears. Is that a clue? Is it? Is it? ... Oh, whatever. Rousseau asks if Patch killed Sayid's friends. He says that they're still inside, retrieving whatever is useful from the house. He is happy, because they have a key to the Others now and can go get Rousseau's daughter and, hopefully, a way home. Patch tells him that there's nothing Sayid can do to make him take them to the Others. Sayid rolls his eyes and tells him that he is not a ticket no matter how much he pretends. Can't argue with the obvious, can you, Patch?

Sayid pulls out a map and shows us his best guess as to where the Others live -- in a place called The Barracks. It is a large dormitory with water and electricity and enough room for everyone and the horse they rode in on. They are going to pay a visit to The Barracks. Mikhail swallows and then tells Sayid that he plans on killing him as soon as possible. Um, Patch? You can't kill Sayid. He's a star. He has a contract. It's not going to happen. Not without protracted contract renegotiations, demands for excessive amounts of per-episode money, and calls for a work stoppage. Rousseau asks why they are keeping Patch alive, and it's a darn good question. Kind of like that scene in Austin Powers when Seth Green asks Dr. Evil why he doesn't just kill Austin now, and Dr. Evil has no good answer. Sayid decides the question is best answered by a flashback that, of course, Rousseau can't see.

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