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No Man Is an Island

Back in the bear cage, Sawyer is gingerly mopping his face with the sponge. Kate asks if he's all right. "The guy hits like a girl. No offence," he says. Kate, looking upwards, absent-mindedly asks why Danny did that. "Hell if I know," says Sawyer, asking if anything the Others do ever makes any sense. The answer is no, but that's also true of the Lostaways most of the time. Meanwhile, Kate's started climbing up to the top of her cage. Sawyer anxiously asks what she's doing. "I've told you the time ain't right!" he says. "You're the one who said we had to go," says Kate, as she slides through the bars at the top of the cage and scootches over to the side. "That was before --" says Sawyer, stopping himself. "Before what?" yells Kate. Sawyer doesn't answer. It starts raining. "I don't know what they did to you," says Kate, as she clambers down the side of her former cage, "but I know you're scared enough to lie about it. And that scares me more than anything that they have done to us before." Because it takes a lot to get Sawyer to lie? Kate drops to the ground and hurries over to Sawyer's cage, where she starts hammering at the lock with a rock. He tells her to go: "You gotta go!" he says, and she stares at him. "What did they do to you?" she cries. She looks at the pulse monitor, and asks what it is. "If you really love me, go," he says. Poor Sawyer. Poor, stupid Sawyer. Kate drops this bomb on him: "I only said that so he'd stop hitting you." Sawyer looks rather hurt. Is it me, or is Sawyer the most naïve alleged con artist ever? Kate sadly walks back over to her cage and climbs back up and in, while Sawyer yells at her to run and says "every man for himself!" for the umpteenth time this episode. After getting back into her cage, she repudiates him with Jack's maxim: "Live together, die alone." And don't tell me Sawyer doesn't know the significance of why Kate chose those words.

Meanwhile, Ben watches on his bank of security monitors. He's wearing round John Lennon glasses! Zeke's there too. "You know, Danny wants to kill him," he says. "Danny can wait," says Ben. Zeke asks if he should bring Jack back. Ben considers it, and finally says no: "I want him to sit with her for a while longer." On one of the monitors, we see Jack sitting next to Colleen's covered body, and as we move into the room ourselves, we see that he's handcuffed to the operating table.

Juliet comes in and apologizes that "they" put the handcuffs on him. Then she gets right to the point: "I'm a fertility doctor." Jack waits. "I'm not used to death," she adds. Jack asks what the woman's name was. "Cole. It was short for Colleen," says Juliet. She says she should have come for Jack sooner, but Jack says it wouldn't have made a difference: "She was dead before you put her on the table." Juliet asks if he's just saying that to make her feel better. Jack looks at her a long while, laughs, and says he doesn't care about making her feel better. Juliet actually looks HURT by this. She says she'll take him back, and apologizes for bringing him here. She moves to uncuff him from the table, but he stops her. And considering how Jack jumped her before, shouldn't she have a little backup here? But Jack's not going to hurt her this time; he just has some questions. He asks about the X-rays he saw earlier, which he says are spinal X-rays of a man about 40 years old, and hey! What a coincidence! Jack just happens to be a spinal surgeon! "So you tell me, Juliet: who am I here to save?" Everybody, Jack. There. You happy?

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