Every Man For Himself

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No Man Is an Island

Well, Sawyer does have it figured out. "We happened," he says. "Been on this rock long enough to realize they ain't in the business of shooting each other," he says. No, that's you guys who shoot yourselves. "We did it. Our team," he says. Kate, sounding kind of disgusted, asks if he's smiling. Damn right, says Sawyer: "'Cause we just got our ticket out of here."

Back from commercial, Sawyer is yanking on his pipe. You know, the one that delivers water to the trough. He pulls it out from the trough so that it'll empty onto the ground of his cage. Kate watches with interest and asks what he's doing. He ignores her, so she asks again, and he snaps at her to "hush up," because he's thinking. ["CLEAR SOME SPACE, people! Sawyer's thinking!" -- Joe R] After moving the pipe, he goes through the whole rigmarole with the foot-pedal and the lever and the button, resulting in a load of food pellets that are added to an untouched pile at the bottom of the chute (as well as the fish biscuit, which I'm sure he'll save for later). The water spreads and pools all over the ground, including outside the cage. Sawyer says to Kate, "You know the chick they brought in on the stretcher? That's Broken Nose Man's girl," like the real tragedy of Sawyer's imprisonment is that the quality of his nicknames has steeply declined. Kate says the guy's name is Pickett, and Sawyer's all whatever, the guy's a little distracted right now. "So?" asks Kate, as Sawyer uses a stick to push the food button without going through the proper steps. The button crackles with electricity, and Sawyer points out the box is getting juice from somewhere. And next time one of the Others comes by to pull him out, he'll wait until they step in his little "swimming hole," he'll grab him, and zap! "They fall back from the shock, I grab the keys. Bet the bears never thought of that." Bet the bears figured it'd be a stupid thing to do. At least, the polar bear, the Einstein of the bear world, would. Kate points out the flaw in Sawyer's plan, which is that Sawyer himself will also be electrocuted. Sawyer says he's felt the jolt before and can take it, but the Other won't be ready for it.

Kate rolls her eyes, and Sawyer asks if she thinks he's crazy, and she says she's actually impressed, which isn't exactly what I think when I see someone roll her eyes, but whatever. She asks, "What about Jack?" and Sawyer is all "What about him?" which doesn't impress Kate a whole lot. Sawyer points out that they don't know if Jack's anywhere nearby, or if he's even alive; they've gotta look out for themselves. "It's every man for himself, Freckles," says Sawyer, who has been fortunate more than once on this island that the other Lostaways don't all share that philosophy.

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