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No Man Is an Island

Sawyer gingerly sits up, as Ben explains about the heart-rate monitor on his chest. It's got a 94 and a flashing heart symbol on it. Cool! I kind of want one! Ben says it'll start beeping when it gets within 15 beats of Sawyer's "danger zone." I have a monitor that beeps to warn me if the radio's going to start playing Kenny Loggins' "Danger Zone." "If and when it beeps," continues Ben, "you're gonna want to relax yourself." He suggests doing some deep breathing or yoga. Sawyer growls something about how if they wanted him dead, why didn't they just shoot him? "Because we're not killers, James," says Ben. Not true! And there's one other thing: if Sawyer says anything to Kate about what the Others did to him, or that they're being watched, anything like that, they'll put one in her too. Sawyer just glares at Ben.

Speaking of Kate, she's pacing in her cage when the Others escort Sawyer back to his cage. She calls to him, asks if he's okay, but he doesn't respond. The Others put buckets with water and sponges in them in their cages, which Zeke says is so they can clean themselves up. Whether or not they do it in a sexy fashion is up to them, presumably. He's also got a sack of clothes for Kate. "And Kate, if any of that doesn't fit, just give me a holler, okay?" he says, sounding genuinely solicitous.

After the Others leave, Kate asks Sawyer what happened. Sawyer's sitting down, wiping his face with the sponge. He tells her that nothing happened, that they just asked him questions. Unfortunately, he doesn't really sell it, so it's hard for her to buy it. She tries again, but he still won't say: "Look, I told you. Nothing happened. Now quit asking." Kate throws up her hands in a "fine, whatever" gesture, and goes to check out the clothes she's been given.

"Turn around," she instructs Sawyer, who does so, using the opportunity to unbutton his shirt a little and peel back the bandage to see a small incision on his chest. He's distracted from that by the sight of Kate, her back to him, taking her shirt off. Literally within a couple of seconds, his heart rate jumps to 125 and his monitor starts beeping, which startles Kate, who turns around, covering herself. Sawyer says it's just his watch, which is broken. Kate's all, "when did you get a watch?" and Sawyer snaps, "I don't tell you everything!" like maybe he picked it up on his way home from WORK or something, and he tells her to leave him alone. And also, to put some clothes on. Now, if that doesn’t signal to Kate that something is seriously wrong, she's too stupid to be believed. She turns from him, looking hurt and confused. The beeping continues, and Sawyer dumps the water over his head. I think he dumped it in the wrong place, but the beeping slows anyway.

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