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No Man Is an Island

Back in Jack's cage, this supposedly broken intercom is again crackling with static and voices. All I can make out is the word "X-rays." Juliet opens the door on the other side of the partitioned room and urgently walks in, wearing bloodstained scrubs. Jack demands to know what they did with Sawyer. She says they didn't do anything to him. "I heard him yelling, you've got blood on your clothes. What did you do to him?" She tells him it's not Sawyer's blood. "It's the blood of a woman who's dying. Jack, I -- I need your help." Jack thinks about this, presumably wondering if there's any way he could use this to get some booze.

Over by the bear cages, klaxons blare through the loudspeaker, as Juliet and some Others lead a hooded person by. Kate recognizes Jack's clothes, tattoo, or biceps, or all three. "It's Jack!" she yells over at Sawyer, and the two of them shout at him (Kate yelling, "Jack!" and Sawyer yelling, "Doc!") but they're inaudible above the blaring alarm. The scream louder, and Jack's head turns towards them, but he's whisked off by the Others.

Inside some compound, Ben asks Juliet if she's lost her mind to bring him in there. Juliet points out that Jack's a doctor, and can help, as she pulls Jack's hood off. Ben starts to say, "Well, that's not why we -- " but is silenced by Juliet asking if Ben wants her to die. Jack and Juliet look through some swinging doors into what appears to be a rudimentary operating room, Colleen on a table, Danny standing over her. Jack asks what happened. "Gunshot wound to the abdomen," says Juliet, as they scrub up. Jack notices some chest and spine X-rays hanging on an illuminated... I don't know what it's called, that light thing that doctors put X-rays on. He stares at them. "Those aren't hers," says Juliet. They mean nothing to me, but I'm not a spinal surgeon. Jack appears to notice something, however. But he doesn't say anything, and they head into the operating room.

Danny freaks when he sees Jack, but Juliet assures him that Jack's here to help them. "Tell them who did this! He ought to know that!" spits Danny. "I need him out of here," says Jack, as he gets ready to operate. The beeping of Colleen's heart-rate monitor underscores the urgency. Zeke, who's been an awfully helpful Other this episode, leads a protesting Danny from the room, as Jack examines Colleen. Juliet says she got the bullet out, but Colleen's still bleeding. "Right upper quadrant," says Jack, examining the patient, adding that it's flowing badly. Juliet disagrees, saying she padded it, but Jack ignores her. "I need you to clamp under the liver so I can get a look back there," he says. Juliet makes as if to do so, but hesitates. Jack looks at her quizzically. "I'm not a surgeon," she says. "I know," says Jack. "But I need you to do this." We can see Danny, Zeke, and Ben watching from some sort of observation room. Jack medical-jargons about something behind the liver, which is why she missed it, and he needs "lap pads," as many as she's got. Danny watches anxiously. Jack's just getting to work when Colleen flatlines. He tells Juliet he needs the "crash cart." She doesn't move. "Juliet? I need paddles," he repeats, and she tells him they're broken. Jack takes this in, and Juliet tries to explain that they haven't had anything happen before, while Jack gets to work on the CPR. Everyone watches. Zeke covers his mouth. Jack counts to himself as he gives Colleen's chest quick pumps. You know, I don't think Jack sabotaged the rescue effort? But I do think he let go of the CPR sooner than he's let go of anything we've seen since the series started. Didn't he pound on Charlie's chest for a solid half-hour? No, that's right; it only felt like it was that long.

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