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Here's what I'm enjoying about Lost this season: the episode-by-episode parceling out of information about stuff on the island. We're learning a little more each week.

Here's what I'm not enjoying about Lost this season: ridiculous scenes that are so contrived as to undercut the emotion they strive for. Like Locke insisting that it has to be Jack who pushed the button (bonus points for that annoyance, because we've been getting hit over the head with Jack's science vs. Locke's faith for ages now). And tonight's episode is terrible for this. Present-day Hurley saw how his wealth apparently changed things back in his own life. Well, here's a tip, Hurley, and I'm saying this understanding that maybe at some point we'll learn a little more about what happens to his friendship with Qualls. But assuming it changed, Hurley might want to consider that perhaps Qualls was hurt that Hurley didn't trust him enough to tell him about the lottery win. Meanwhile, in the hatch-hole, Hurley is upset that everybody's going to hate him, so he's going to BLOW UP THE FOOD. The everyday interactions between the characters are starting to become a little more unbelievable than the bioengineered sharks and Lostzillas, if you ask me.

Looks like Hurley came up with a better way to make people not hate him -- yeah, even better than blowing up food. On the beach, he's pleading with Jack: "Come on, Jack, the inventory's done. This is the only way." "Are you serious?" says Jack, and Hurley says that there's enough food for one guy to have three meals a day for three months. Well, I saw how much food there was, and at the risk of sounding indelicate, perhaps Hurley was not the best person to judge how long it would last. "You put me in charge; this is what we're doing," says Hurley. Jack agrees, somewhat to Hurley's surprise, and he starts to smile.

OH, SWEET. Are there any sweeter words to a recapper than "extended dialogue-free musical montage"? Maybe "Bachelorettes In Alaska series finale." But like Team America World Police, we need a montage. Apparently, Hurley's plan is to just have a big feast and let everybody chow down. He carries a jar of peanut butter over to Charlie and hands it off without saying a word. Charlie looks back and smiles as Hurley continues distributing food. It looks like a Hawaiian singles mixer with everyone laughing and eating. There's Shannon eating and giving food to Vincent. Awwww. It's amazing to me the degree to which, now that I'm a dog owner, I love not only my dog, but all dogs. So LOOK AFTER VINCENT, Shannon. There's Jack and Kate eating and talking. There's Claire looking in on the impossibly cute Turniphead, who laughs and rolls around. There's Charlie stalking Claire and handing over the jar of peanut butter, and she practically spits out her water, she's so delighted. She opens the jar, sniffs the peanut butter, and then disgustingly sticks her fingers right in the jar. Sure hope no one else wants any peanut butter, Claire. Charlie smiles as Claire thanks him and smiles beatifically at him. Another shot of Kate and Jack talking, and Kate smacking Jack when he reaches for her food. Did they get married or something? There's Locke smiling. There's Hurley getting his back patted by everyone on the beach, and getting a big hug from Charlie, who I guess likes Hurley again after getting some peanut butter to impress Claire with.

And just so we don't close on a completely happy note, there's Sun, all alone, burying the bottle of messages, taking care not to be seen by anyone. It's a poignant scene, marred only slightly by continuity errors regarding whether she's wearing a wedding ring or not.

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