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Back at the POW camp, Otherbisi lifts up the lid to Sawyer's rat hole and throws the rope down. "Grab the rope," he says. "I ain't doin' nothin' till I know my friends are okay," snarls Sawyer. "So we're friends now, huh," says a non-shackled or in any way trussed-up Michael, looking down into the hole. Sawyer, surprised, looks up at him, but doesn't say anything. Michael moves to make way for Ana-Lucia, who says, "Do it now, or the rope comes up."

Sawyer must just love being told what to do by a woman, but he grabs the rope and is hauled out of the hole. Jin's up there as well. "Howdy, boys," says Sawyer. "Thanks for the rescue." Michael explains that everything's cool, because they now believe our heroes were on the plane too. "Swell," says Sawyer, glaring at Ana-Lucia, who looks not in the least intimidated. "Guess we can all sue Oceanic together." Ana-Lucia notices something in Sawyer's hand, and asks what it is. Sawyer says "nothing," so Ana-Lucia asks if it's a rock, if he's looking for a little revenge. Sawyer's not admitting to anything, and Ana-Lucia tells him he has three seconds to drop it, and then, in a move that just may make me love her, counts only to two before cracking Sawyer across the jaw, dropping him to the ground (she likes doing that, I think). Then, to add injury to injury to insult to injury to injury, she stomps on his bullet-holed shoulder. Sawyer screams. Otherbisi stops Jin from stepping in. Sawyer, on his back, grunts that she didn't say three. Ana-Lucia tells him to shut up, then says, "When I tell you to do something, you do it. I say move, you move. I say stop, you stop. I say jump, what do you say?" "You first," snarls Sawyer. Yeah, we're all impressed with the way you're getting your ass kicked here, man. "You don't like the rules, I toss your ass back in the pit, right now. You understand?" says Ana-Lucia. As defiantly as he can (which isn't very), Sawyer says he understands, then struggles to his feet after Ana-Lucia gets off him. "It's getting dark," says Ana-Lucia. "We're moving out." Sawyer asks where they're off to, and gets a face full of Ana-Lucia because of it. "What did I just tell you?" she snaps, and Sawyer sarcastically says he forgot. "There's just one thing though," he adds. "You hit me again, I'll kill you." Ana-Lucia studies him, then smirks all "yeah right" -- that, or "I like this guy's spunk," I can't tell. So she stomps off, and Sawyer glares at her back. The others follow, and Sawyer stands there for a moment, drawing looks from Michael and Jin, clearly worried about pissing off Ana-Lucia even more. Geez, I don't think she's that bad. I shared a house with a teenage sister, so this would be a piece of cake. Shit, I'd like to introduce her to Charlie. Sawyer finally follows, bringing up the rear as the group heads into the jungle.

On the other side of the island, Locke has finished telling the story of crazy ol' Desmond and the pushing of the button every 108 minutes, a story that Charlie seems to have a hard time believing. "Didn't he sleep?" Locke says they didn't get a chance to ask him about that. "And after all that time he just up and left?" asks Charlie. Well, wouldn't you? Locke says he tried to track him, but Desmond didn't leave much of a trail. The way I remember it, Desmond was like a bull elephant charging through the jungle, but whatever, Locke. Charlie offers up the opinion that it all sounds a bit nutty. "It is what it is, Charlie," says Locke. Charlie wonders what happens if the button doesn't get pushed, but Locke says, "We're not going to find out." His job it turns out is working out a system to make sure the button gets pushed. He figures it'll be two-person shifts of about six hours apiece. That was Locke's job? Hurley totally got hosed. Charlie appears to find the business rather amusing. "Oh, and there's a record player," is Locke's final comment, and he gets up to go. Charlie asks him what Hurley's been doing there. "He's in charge of the food," says Locke. "Food?" asks Charlie. Locke told him about the presence of a record player before he mentioned the food?

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