Exodus, Part I

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Arzt and rafts

So speaking of Sayid, he's salvaged a few things from the airplane for the raft. Like its goddamn radar. They're going to rig up RADAR on the raft. How about you jerry-rig an in-transit movie, too? "Here you go, I've managed to cobble together a DVD player, and we've got, let's see, New York Minute and Racing Stripes. And I used some coconuts to throw together some headphones, too. Hope it helps!" Sawyer goes to affix the radar thingy to the mast, and Sayid tells Michael that to conserve power, he should turn on the radar only once every hour. It will show them any ships as far as the horizon, approximately 25 miles. Just to the horizon? So the radar will show them whatever ships they can already see on the ocean. There's also a radio transmitter, and a flare gun. With one flare. So "choose wisely," says Sayid, a little unnecessarily. No flare-gun fights for these guys.

Walking through the jungle, Rousseau pulls up. "Why are we stopping?" asks Locke. "Because we're here," says Rousseau. "This is the Black Rock." Which is a huge fucking galleon, landlocked and covered in vegetation (guess Locke didn't see it there). Remember when I called these guys the Goonies? I totally nailed it. But see what I mean about prodding Rousseau a little bit more? Might she have mentioned that the Black Rock was, you know, a SHIP? Commercials.

Flashback to the airport again, but this time we're with Sun and Jin, with Sun strolling up with a tray of snacks and beverages. Jin asks what took so long, and Sun explains that there were a lot of people in line. She puts a napkin on Jin's lap, and since they've been speaking in Korean, the American couple sitting nearby feel free to make their snide comments loud enough for Sun to hear. The woman tells her husband to shoot her if she ever finds herself doing something like that for him. "Don't knock it, their divorce rate is 20 times lower than ours," he says, like, how easy is it for them to mistake an affectionate gesture for one of subservience, but then to credit the supposed subservience for successful marriages instead of blaming subservience for keeping women in unhealthy relationships? Whatever, Ugly Americans. So then Sun spills coffee or whatever in Jin's lap, and they're trying to clean it up, and Jin looks around for a washroom, and takes off. "My god, it's like Memoirs of a Geisha come to life," says this obnoxious woman, because I guess if she spills coffee on her husband, the correct, liberated thing to do would be to laugh at him and not try to help him at all. My god, this is like Memoirs of a Racist Bitch come to life. When the obnoxious woman's husband tries to shush her, she tells him to relax because "they don't speak English." That's right. No Asian people speak English. Sun looks reflective. I'm still trying to figure out the point of this scene. If they were trying to paint this picture of Sun being trapped in a loveless marriage, they should have made Jin act like more of an asshole or something. If the point that Jin's not actually that bad a guy (which is kind of how he comes across here) they should have made him act a little nicer.

So back on the beach, Sun approaches Jin, working on the raft, who tries to scoot, but she won't let him. She hands him a notebook that she says is for him. He flips through it, looking at the Korean characters and symbols. "Star... board," he says haltingly, and Sun repeats it. She tells him it's a list of simple English words spelled out phonetically to help him. Jin's face starts to crumple. Jack, Shannon, now Jin...shit, if everybody's going to be crying all episode, there's no way I can hold it together. He tells her he's sorry, and...oh great, now there goes Sun. "I am too," she says, and then tells him he doesn't have to go. "No, don't you understand, Sun? I'm in this place because I'm being punished," he says. "I made you suffer...you don't deserve any of this." Tears are streaming down Sun's face. I like to imagine that the other actors on this show (not that they're terrible or anything, because I don't think that) are gathered around off-camera watching this, going, "Holy shit, those guys brought their A-game this week." He strokes her cheek, and she touches his hand. "I have to go because I'm going to save you," he says. Man, I'm lucky I'm already married, because the tastefully named Daniel Dae Kim isn't going to be leaving many women for the rest of us. "Stay with Jack. He'll keep you safe." "Who will keep you safe?" says Sun, and he smiles and hugs her, and she's totally bawling now, and there's an "I love you" and "I'm so sorry" exchanged, and she tells him it's okay, and they start making out right there. And I guarantee you they snuck off into the bushes somewhere, because wouldn't you?

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