Exodus, Part I

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Arzt and rafts

Some airport security dude is inspecting the late marshal's case of guns and ammo, asking if the marshal will be armed. He says he will be, with an ankle holster. Airport security says he'll need to stow the case in the crew luggage compartment in the front. "No problemo," he says. The security guard asks him why he needs five guns. "Gee, you wanna tell him, Kate?" says the marshal, and we see a handcuffed Kate sitting there. "Why do I need five guns?" Kate doesn't so much as look in the marshal's direction. "She's shy," he says. The guard pulls Tom's plane out of the case, and wants to know what the deal is. So the marshal says it's a good story, and the plane belonged to her childhood sweetheart, whom she got killed a couple of years ago while she was on the run. And it turns out that it's not so much a "good" story as it is a "farfetched" and "annoying" and "implausible" story, so I'm just going to gloss over it. For the sake of tying up loose ends, we're supposed to believe that Kate the fugitive started calling the marshal to taunt him. We're supposed to accept that when the marshal told Kate he had Tom's toy plane in a safe deposit box in New Mexico, she went after it. I mean, we know that she did go after it, but at the time we didn't know that Kate knew it had been placed there by the man who WAS CHASING HER. And there are some things that I guess the writers didn't smoke enough crack this week to be able to explain, as the marshal just says that Kate "somehow" found out which bank and which safe deposit box held the plane. And she concocts the plan to get the plane back, but doesn't take any money during the robbery, because the plane is the only thing she cares about? This is the same plane that Kate cares about so much that she LEFT IT BEHIND IN THE CAR IN THE FIRST PLACE. And if he told her about the safe deposit box to draw her out, shouldn't she have been caught then? This scene sucks, fuck this scene. This is like watching American Idol and you were watching Carrie but now Scott Savol has taken the stage. It's not the Kate I hate, it's her scenes. And then Kate gets into a scuffle with the marshal because she loves the plane so much, and the marshal gets to be all big man: "That's why I need five guns."

So back on Craphole Island, Kate strolls up to Jack and asks if he's heading out, and he says he is, and Kate wants to come along, "for old times' sake," whatever that's supposed to mean, and Jack is totally acting like he hates her guts for some reason, like can we please get a ruling on whether they're hot for each other or whether they can't stand each other, and Jack points out that she'll miss the raft launching, like it's the Queen Mary heading out on the ocean or something. And she says she's not very good at goodbyes, so Jack tells her to grab her stuff.

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