Exodus, Part II

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I was blown up by a pirate ship

Reminded of this, we cut back to the fully able-bodied Locke, and I guess it's not such a surprise that Locke has such faith in the island. The group has arrived at the hatch, so it looks like we're going to find out what's inside this season after all, right, guys? Right? Locke carefully takes his pack off by the hatch, and he tells Hurley to take Jack's extra dynamite a ways away. Only he calls Hurley "Hugo," and Hurley looks surprised, because nobody knows his real name -- or do they? He says okay, but asks for a flashlight instead of a torch, what with the possibility of being blown to smithereens and everything. Jack gives him the flashlight and manages not to get blown up. Jack, Kate, and Locke get to work running the fuse and rigging the charges.

Charlie and Sayid have finally arrived at the source of the black smoke, which is a fire on a corner of beach, with no one around. But it's not a bonfire, exactly; it's a flaming stone or cauldron or something like that, held in the air by crossed logs. They approach it carefully, and Sayid notices the lack of footprints around the fire. "This is the black smoke? Where are they?" says Charlie. Sayid says he doesn't know. Then, they hear crying from the bushes. "Danielle?" says Sawyer, and Charlie's practically charging the bushes at Rousseau right now, and Sayid tells him to cool it. "I can hear you, come out. Please. He needs his mother," says Sayid. The bushes rustle, and Rousseau comes out, carefully cradling Turniphead in her arms (yeah, like I was really going to stop calling him that). "They were not here," she says. Sayid says she has to give them the baby. "I just wanted my Alex back," she says, and she starts to cry, but she keeps coming forward. Sayid speaks soothingly to her, and despite her anguish, she hands Turniphead over to Sayid. Turniphead seems to be just fine, if a little bit of a crybaby. Maybe he started crying when he saw Charlie was here? Charlie starts yelling at Rousseau. "There never were any 'others.' You started the fires yourself!" he accuses, and she denies it. "I heard them whispering," she says. "You're a nutjob. You heard nothing," he says. Uh, dude, she still has a rifle, and you're right, she's a nutjob, so maybe you could lay off the confrontational tone and just get Turniphead back to his mother, okay? "I heard them say they were coming for the child. They said they were coming for the boy," she says. Uh-oh. She walks past them, racked with grief, but Charlie STILL has to spit out a "you're pathetic" at her, like how much would you love to see Rousseau blow his head off?

Back at the hatch, Jack and Locke carefully put the dynamite in place. Locke asks for the fuse, and Jack gets it, but when Locke holds out his hand for it, Jack just says, "I'll do it," and I guess Locke decides that whatever skills he learned at Sprawl-Mart and the box company, he'd be well-advised to leave this task to the guy with the surgeon's hands. The fuse set, they amble over to where Kate has unwound the fuse as far as it will go. Locke says it's plenty long, and they should take cover. He'll light the fuse, and there'll be plenty of burn time for him to take cover as well. They yell for Hurley, who yells back that he's coming or whatever. Or they could just tell him to stay where he is for a moment.

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