Exodus, Part II

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I was blown up by a pirate ship

As Jack and Kate take cover, she goes off on him for taking the dynamite in his pack, which you know she's been waiting to do for hours. Come to think of it, I'd like to know just how it was that Jack pulled off that little bit of sleight of hand anyway. "I made a judgment call," he says, and she points out that they drew straws, and he points out, completely correctly, that this was too important to be decided by drawing straws. He might also want to point out that since she went running willy-nilly all over the place when she thought she had dynamite in her pack, he made exactly the right call. She tries to tell him that he had no right, and he snaps that everybody wants him to be the leader until he makes a decision that they don't like. Which is true, but, um, duh, Jack, because that kind of is how a democratic society WORKS, after all. If you don't like the decisions your leader makes, you try to make him NOT YOUR LEADER anymore. "You wanna keep second-guessing me, Kate? That's your call." Oh, get over yourself. He tells her that there's something she needs to know: "We survive this, we survive tonight? We're going to have a Locke problem." They both look at Locke, standing at the end of the fuse. "And I have to know that you got my back." Without hesitation, she says, "I got your back." So they like each other now, in case you're keeping score at home.

Locke yells, "Are we ready?" and then Hurley's telling them to hold on a sec, and he comes back into the clearing. He stumbles slightly (thank God he was a little more graceful while carrying the dynamite) and drops his flashlight by the side of the hatch. Picking it up, he notices the engraved numbers -- 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42. Naturally, he freaks, yelling that they can't do this, that they have to stop, that the numbers are bad, that sort of thing. Locke looks kind of pissed, and looks at Jack, and Jack doesn't know what the hell's going on. And Hurley's running at Locke, who finally is just all "fuck it" and lights the fuse. "Why'd you do that?" yells Hurley, who goes chasing the burning fuse like he's Wile E. Coyote and has just figured out that the dynamite he set for the Road Runner is going to blow himself up instead. Jack chases Hurley down, who's less than successful in his attempt to stamp out the fuse. Locke runs for cover and Jack tackles Hurley, and the two of them hit the deck as the dynamite explodes.

Back on the raft, the blip is closer to them, and the boop boop boop wakes up Walt. "It's closer," says Sawyer, and he asks for the flare gun. Mercutio says he's only got one flare. Jin jabbers away and points at his eyes to indicate that he can't see anything, and Sawyer's all, "No shit, it's night," and then there's some language-barrier confusion as Mercutio and Jin try to figure out whether they should be looking starboard or port, and Sawyer says, "Hey Han, you and Chewie want to slow down a second and talk to me here?" which I can't believe I missed the first time I watched, but which rules. Mercutio doesn't want to fire the flare because they don't know what the blip is. It might be a piece of floating junk, or maybe the radar doesn't even work. Sawyer asks if Mercutio knows of anything Sayid's made that doesn't work, like what is the deal with Sawyer's suddenly unshakeable faith in Sayid? Walt, watching the screen, says the blip's moving away. "Floating junk knows how to steer, does it?" and Mercutio points out that they're the ones moving. Sawyer asks if Mercutio's going to give him the flare gun or if he'll have to take it. "What are you going to do, shoot me?" asks Mercutio, and Sawyer glares at him. "It's almost gone," says Walt. Jin and Mercutio and Sawyer stand there looking at each other. It's Walt's urging, though, that seems to convince Mercutio. "Please, God," he says, taking out the flare gun, and firing it off the side.

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