Exodus, Part II

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Daniel: B | 1 USERS: A+
I was blown up by a pirate ship

And back on Craphole Island, the smoke is clearing, and the four demolitioners approach the twisted metal of the hatch. Jack and Locke look at each other, then squat, and lift the hatch off. They peer inside, our POV from below them, and the camera pulls away, and away, and away, down, down, down, super-deep. With a decrepit and in some places completely broken ladder down the side. Well done dramatically, only it reveals absolutely jack-squat, no?

Oh, well. We all know we'll be back. Next season will feature more myth-making and suspense, and the levels of mystery will deepen and widen, until it's all too unwieldy and ratings start to drop, and an attempt to tie things up will explain some things and contradict others, and we'll start afresh, or at least try to, in a few seasons. If they get down that hatch and there's somebody at the bottom named Rambaldi, I'm done.

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