Exodus, Part II

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I was blown up by a pirate ship

Back at the Black Rock, Jack is stuffing rags and stuff into his backpack, saying he'll take all the dynamite, and the more insulation the better. Because they're still going ahead with the idiotic plan that just a moment ago killed one of them already. Locke says they should split up the dynamite into two groups of three sticks as a "fail-safe." "That way, if one of us --" Pulls an Arse? Jack says, "You and me, then," and Locke makes this hand gesture like, "well, obviously." But Kate has strolled up and wants to carry some dynamite. Jack makes his "oh great, the broad expects equal status in our island society" face. "It's not going to happen, no," says Jack, flatly, and they argue about it, with Kate saying that this is why she came and it's not Jack's decision, and Jack saying she wasted a trip and it is in fact his decision, and Locke finally says they'll draw straws, since they don't have time to bicker, and fate will decide. Jack looks like he wants to strangle Locke, but grudgingly assents. He looks at Hurley and asks if he wants in on the Dynamite Transportation Lottery, and Hurley doesn't say anything. Given that we've finally touched again on Hurley's alleged bad luck, shouldn't we revisit the fact that Hurley is bad luck only for other people? Shouldn't Hurley offer to take the whole load? The reason Hurley isn't saying anything is that he's a little grossed out because Jack has "a little Arse" on him, pointing to a little scrap of what is I guess is supposed to be Arseflesh.

So they don't have time to bicker about who's carrying dynamite, but they have time for the drawing of straws? Locke and Kate draw the short straws, so they're carrying the dynamite. Jack's clearly not impressed.

Out on the boat, Mercutio is explaining to Walt that they have a transmitter that sends out an SOS in case anyone's listening, and radar so they can see if anyone's out there. Jin flicks it on, and he and Mercutio fiddle around with the equipment while Walt turns his attention to Sawyer, who's reading the messages in the bottle. Walt indignantly tells Sawyer that the messages are private, and Sawyer just smirks at him. "Yup," he says. He then explains that he never knew Tracy missed her husband and kids so much, considering she's been using Scott to keep her warm at night. "That's Steve. Scott's dead," Walt corrects him, and Sawyer is all "whatever" and maybe Arse was right about the little group not caring about the rest of the lostaways after all. Then, reading another note, Sawyer wonders who the hell "Hugo" is and how he has $160 million to leave to his mom. Walt asks Sawyer how he'd like it if Walt read his note, and Sawyer casually explains that he didn't leave a message in the bottle because the only letter he ever wrote was to the man he's going to kill (without adding, "Assuming I get it right this time!"). Walt nonchalantly asks Sawyer why he's going to kill him, and Sawyer says "because I have to" and Walt gives him another "why?" and Sawyer just says "because!" and glares at Walt, like, way to intimidate a little kid, Sawyer.

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