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LuluBates: C+ | 1 USERS: D-
Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend

Paolo blinks a lot in Nikki's general direction, but it takes her a while to notice. She finally figures it out when a spider crawls up her leg and bites her. She runs towards the beach, stopping only to bury the diamonds. Why? I do not question. I am loaded. I need no answers. There's nothing like an entire case of Rainier Ale to make one not question. I think that's the basis for Zen Buddhism. Nikki makes it out of the jungle to collapse on the beach and mutter, "Puh-- puh-- p--- lies!" Now we know she's trying to say "paralyzed." But it is too late, because she is already in her grave, and Sawyer and Hurley are burying her. Her eyes pop open as the sand piles up on her face. Buried alive! Buried alive! YUCK! I need a beer.

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