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Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend

Medical Examiner Hurley has inspected the body. He reports that Paolo is just like Nikki, no knife wound, no nothing. But he does have a few questions: Why are his pants undone? And why is his shoe in that tree? Sawyer grabs the shoe and throws it at Hurley, suggesting that Paolo stepped in something. Jin unpacks Paolo's bag and pulls out a bottle of water. Sawyer yells, "No!" and grabs the water from Jin and dumps it out. Hurley and Jin are irritated. It's water, and they have been hiking on a desert island after all. Sawyer flicks them both in the head and says that two people are dead and they could have been poisoned and as Boy Scouts in Troop 815 they should have been prepared and brought their own damn water. Hurley is totally pissed that Sawyer is messing up his crime scene. Sawyer rolls his eyes and asks if there is a forensic hatch he doesn't know about? Heh. Jin says, "Stop. Monster." Sawyer stops and looks at Paolo's wide-open eyes and stone-cold body, and it seems like he just might agree with CSI Jin.

Seventy-five days ago, Nikki and Paolo are on the beach, discussing whether or not the Island has monsters. I totally dodge the Anvil of Foreshadowing as it hurtles down. Paolo suggests that it was a dinosaur that made the trees move, but Nikki is having none of it. She tells him they are in the South Pacific, not Jurassic Park, and he needs to focus. They have been on the Island for six days and the Coast Guard will be there any minute. Aw, they were so cute and naïve. Nikki says they have to find the bag before they get rescued. Creepy Ethan comes out of the creepy woods wearing a Wisconsin sweatshirt. Go Badgers! He asks if they lost their luggage, because he lost his, but he found other stuff (Other stuff?) and can help them find clothes. They introduce themselves and say that's sweet of him to help, but they aren't looking for clothes. They are looking for Paolo's nicotine gum. Ethan suggests that they look inland because when the plane split apart a lot of items landed in the jungle. Their discussion is cut short when Arzt comes running past them yelling that Boone took the water. A fight is breaking out in Camp Lostaway over the water supply. Jack steps up, dons his halo, steps on his soapbox, and becomes the official Great Leader. Nikki and Paolo are there when he gives his Great Speech that unifies the survivors. Jack lectures that they have been on the island for six days. They have to stop waiting. They have to start figuring things out. He found fresh water up in the Valley. He will take a crew up there at first light. If they don't want to go, then they should find another way to contribute. Because every man for himself is not going to work. If we can't live together, we are going to die alone. The camera pans over the gathered survivors. They are holding up lighters, swaying, and holding hands. Most are crying. They have giant photos of Jack that they are holding up in the air. They have Saint Jack t-shirts and commemorative beer steins. It's a beautiful sight.

Hurley, Jin, and Sawyer are dragging Paolo through the woods and over to the Lost graveyard. Hurley says he now believes it was the monster, because when Eko died he said they would be next. And Nikki and Paolo were with Eko when he died, so he was talking about them. Sawyer disagrees and thinks that Eko wasn't talking about Nikki and Paolo, he was talking about ALL of them. Hurley doesn't think that's much better. I'm with you on that one! Sawyer thinks that the only way they will find out what happened to them is to find out everything they can about these two jabonies. Jin and I ask simultaneously, "Japanese?" Then I thought about it and realized that Sawyer wasn't being racist, he was being redneck-ist. Sawyer laughs at Jin and says, "You know, Nikki and Pablo." Hurley tells him to be respectful. He knows their names. They are Nikki and Paolo. And they have been there the whole time.

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