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Baptism by liar

Now we're back at Charlie's flat, and the elevator opens up in a wall decorated with a painting of the Union Jack, only the lines are all wavy. Charlie probably painted it when he was high. As Charlie comes in, we see the piano from his childhood against a wall, upon which hangs a "The Drive Across America Tour" poster. More like "The Suck Across America Tour." There's a cigarette left burning on top of the piano, which pisses Charlie off, because heroin is one thing but smokers are worse than Hitler, and he stubs it out, and then it occurs to him that it must mean that Liam's back. Sure enough, there's Liam, unconscious on the couch, arm tied off. Charlie shakes him awake, and yells at him that he's supposed to be cleaning up, and Liam calls him "baby brothah" which I'm starting to think is required in every single scene that Liam shares with Charlie. Charlie bitches that he told Karen that Liam missed his flight, and here's Liam getting high, and Charlie's so angry, you'd think he thought Liam actually did miss his flight; was he that surprised to find Liam fixing? Charlie gathers up Liam's works and stares at the little baggie, and Liam's all, "Don't worry; I left you some," which seems to be insulting to Charlie for god only knows what reason, and he snaps that Liam needs to shower and get to the hospital, and oh, by the way, you have a daughter. Way to ruin the surprise, Charlie. "Her name's Meghan," he adds. Liam stops, and a smile breaks across his face. "After Mum?" Charlie smiles a little too. "Yeah, after Mum. Now clean yourself up. You're a sodding father now." I love the way the dirtiest British slang can be used on American television with no Senate committees struck to look into culture's complete slide into amorality.

Back on Craphole Island, Kate is somehow qualified to do what looks like physical therapy with gimpy Sawyer. Hurley's sitting there watching them, and he asks Sawyer if he got to know the "Tailies" very well when he was over on the other side of the island. "Well enough, why?" says Sawyer, even though it seems to me that he was unconscious and/or getting hit by Ana-Lucia for the vast majority of his time over there. "That Libby chick seems pretty cool," says Hurley, as nonchalantly as he can. Kate tries to suppress a smile, and Sawyer looks over at him slyly. "I mean, is she?" finishes Hurley, and Sawyer teases him about a "love connection" brewing, and Hurley pretends that he's just asking. "I hear ya asking," says Sawyer, and Hurley just gets flustered and says forget it and stomps off. Kate smilingly asks why Sawyer's acting like he's in junior high. Junior high would be a step up for this crew, if you ask me. Speaking of acting like they're in junior high, Sawyer looks over to where Ana-Lucia and Jack are walking out of the jungle, and says that's the third time he's seen them coming out of there. He has a hall of fame smirk on when he asks Kate what she supposes they're doing in there. Training ninjas and (I assume) drinking. Kate just tells him to keep doing his exercises, doing her best to pretend it doesn't bother her.

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