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I'm So Dizzy My Head Is Spinnin'
his show. Meanwhile, Locke and Ben look on, and Ben snarks that this must be quite the "out of body experience" for Locke, and asks how his timing could be quite so impeccable that he could lead Richard to the right place and his alterna-self at the right time. Locke's answer is the same as it's been almost since the minute Ocean 815 crashed and he realized he could walk. The island. The island. The island. The island told Locke when to be there. "Didn't it ever tell you things?" Ben thinks that's the stupidest thing he's ever heard. "No John, and clearly it hasn't told you where Jacob is, or you wouldn't need Richard to show you." Locke says, "You've never seen Jacob, have you?" Whether he's caught in a lie or just jealous, Ben's not answering, but the awkward silence is cut short by the sound of alterna-shot-in-the-leg-Locke FLASHING away from his nursemaid Richard.

Ben says, "What just happened? Where did you go?" Locke smiles. "To give Richard his compass back." Richard returns from the plane as if in a daze. When he gets back to John, he asks him if he wants the bullet. Locke tells him to keep it and asks if everything went all right. Richard said that alterna-Locke seemed pretty convinced, "Especially when I said you have to die. I'm glad that didn't have to happen." Locke smiles for a moment, then glares at Ben. "Actually Richard, it did." He picks up his pack and suggests they get back to camp and we jump to...

1977; Dharmaville: Chang enters the security barracks and gives the order to evacuate the island. There's a power struggle of sorts between him and the Radzinsky Beast who's doing his best Al "I'm In Charge" Haig impression. They're supposed to break ground on the Swan in 20 hours and he's not stopping now. Why, he's built a pretty model and everything! He's not impressed by Chang's authority, Horace's, or any cataclysmic incident that's been prophesied by anyone, anywhere. Sawyer, barely able to speak, says that Chang's right. "It ain't safe. Put the women and children on a sub and get them out of here. If you put me and Juliet on the sub with 'em, we'll tell you anything you want to know." Juliet smiles regretfully at him, so he asks, "Are you okay with that, sweetheart." She is. The Radzinsky Beast hands Sawyer a notebook and tells him to draw them a map of exactly where the hostiles are. And we cut to...

The Outskirts Of Camp Richard In-The-Verge: Ellie leads Richard, Eric, Kate and Jack to a pond. They have to swim under it to get to "the tunnels." Kate's out of there. She didn't sign up for this and she thinks Jack's plan is batshit insane, anyhow. When she tries to leave, Eric makes to shoot her and Jack tries to stop him. There's a shot, and Kate looks down at herself, and I wonder for a moment if she's been hit, or if Jack has. But they're both safe. The gunshot came from Sayid, who just took out Eric. Goodbye sort of cute Other-Goon. We hardly knew ye. The moment Sayid reveals himself, he looks as loony as anyone ever has on this island, and only slightly less loony than Desmond looked back at Hawking's church in L.A. So of course we go to commercial, to cut the dramatic tension. Sigh.

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