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That Girl From Pyongyang (Unfurled My Long Wang)
Mercutio menaces a still-handcuffed Jin with the axe. He holds forth on the troubles he's experienced in the last month, which seems a little rich delivered to a guy handcuffed to the landing gear of his crashed airplane, but whatever. He holds up the watch, telling Jin he knows this is the root of their quarrel. "I found this in the wreckage," he says, "and I figured, why let a $20,000 watch go to waste? Which is ridiculous, because time doesn't matter on a damn island!" He tosses the watch into Jin's lap, then swings the axe wildly. But of course he doesn't chop up Jin; instead, he -.-. .... --- .--. ... / - .... . / .... .- -. -.. -.-. ..- ..-. ..-. ... / .. -. / .... .- .-.. ..-., freeing him. "Stay away from me," Mercutio sums up, "and my kid." I sort of wish the Democratic Party would take lessons from Mercutio about staying on message.

Flashback to Sydney Airport. Jin waits in the ticket line as we hear, in the background, Jack giving his speech to Chrissy the Oceanic Airlines agent. So wait: Jin and Sun are going on a trip. Jin is waiting in line at the check-in counter in Sydney. Which means Jin and Sun's trip originates in Sydney. So they don't live in Koreastralia at all; they live in actual Australia. Is the Korean population in Australia so insular that a wealthy Korean society woman can grow up there and never know English until she takes adult lessons? How can I ever answer that question? God, if only there were some organization devoted to disseminating information about Korea and Koreans around the world! I almost buy Jin not knowing English -- at least he has the excuse of not growing up rich. But Sun? I wish I believed that this was an intentional and important plot point, but I don't think it is. I think it just suited the writers' purposes to have a character who pretended she didn't speak English, and they sketched in the backstory without worrying too much about whether it made sense. Arrrgh. Prove me wrong, Lost people. Sun, standing a little ways away from Jin, looks at the clock, which reads 11:15. She takes a few steps away, then stops as tears fall down her cheeks. Outside, her interior designer waits in a car to whisk her away to an impeccably-designed hideout. She looks back at Jin, who, smiling, holds up a white flower. Still crying, she rejoins him in line; when he asks what's wrong, she smells the flower and says, "It's too beautiful." How nice this scene would have been had it not been cluttered up with Korean yakuza baloney!

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