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That Girl From Pyongyang (Unfurled My Long Wang)
Commercials. I'm gonna declare it right now: The Incredibles is gonna be the greatest movie ever made in the history of the world.

Back in the cave, Jack inspects the two corpses, noting that they seem to have been laid to rest there. "Where'd they come from?" Kate asks. Jack notes that they shot a polar bear recently. "Where'd that come from?" Heh. He also speculates that the bodies are 40 to 50 years old, because in addition to being a doctor and an amateur pilot, Jack's also a forensic investigator. He pulls a little cloth bag off one of the corpses and shakes a pair of smooth stones, one black and one white, into his hand. He hides the stones as Locke and Charlie show up, Charlie complaining that he was stung "several hundred times." "Oh, and you left this," he adds, handing Kate's shirt to her. "It was full of bees," an embarrassed Kate says. "I'd have thought Cs, actually," Charlie replies, staring at Kate's bra. This line is really, really funny, so much so that it seems out of place, but whatever, I'm not complaining. I did some research, by the way -- grueling research -- and determined that this joke is legit, because unlike dress and shoe sizes, British bra sizes are the same as American. Though the British adopted the sizing system later than us, due to British discretion -- a quality Charlie, curiously, seems to lack. "Bloody hell," he says, seeing the corpses. "These are the people who were here before us?" Jack throws him a look as Locke asks what they're talking about; Locke, of course, is one of the many who don't know about the SOS of Doooooom. A mortified Charlie mumbles (in the jungle) something about how maybe there could've been other people on the island before them. Jack points out that one of the skeletons is female. Locke gets one of those shots with no eye-light where he looks like Dark Willow and whispers, "Our very own Adam and Eve."

Midsection Beach, Prison Sector. Sun tries to aloe up Jin's raw wrist. In flashback, we see Sun coming through the front door of an apartment carrying a Chanel shopping bag. She has long hair again. She puts the bags down when she sees a large box with a bow on it in the living room; inside the box is a very, very cute and wrinkly puppy that has apparently been sedated, because it just sits in her arms like an adorable sack of flour. Jin comes in from another room and says he got the puppy for her so she'll have company when he's working late. Sun looks downcast and replies, "Remember when all you had to get me was a flower?" Jin's father-in-law calls; as Jin's on the I Gotta Take This plan from Cingular, he answers the call.

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