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That Girl From Pyongyang (Unfurled My Long Wang)
Back in the present, Locke offers to stick in the Grotto overnight with Charlie so they can sort through the wreckage. Jack worries about how much time and energy it will take to cart so much water to the castaways every day. He points out the unlimited water supply, cool temperature, and easy-to-protect location of the Grotto and says, so smugly I want to punch him in the mouth, "We don't need to bring the water to the people. We need to bring the people to the water." Boy, Jack could stand to be a lot more humble. In the jungle. He gets up and hoists his pack, adding, "I think we could live here." Kate looks unconvinced.

Midsection Beach. Walt and Jin stare each other down. Mercutio exchanges some angry words with Jin and pulls Walt down the beach. Walt asks what Mercutio meant when he said Koreans don't like black people. Mercutio, to his credit, tries to explain that he doesn't really believe that and just said it because he was angry. "What'd you do to him?" Walt asks, and Mercutio points out that he's spent nearly every waking hour with Walt and hasn't done anything to anybody. "What did your mother say about me?" he asks. Walt says she never talked about him, and his dad points out that Walt doesn't know anything about him. "You don't know anything about me!" Walt protests. "What's my birthday?" "August 24," Mercutio replies. "When's mine?" When Walt looks abashed, Mercutio tells him to forget it.

Sun begs Jin to let her explain to the castaways what happened. Jin asks how they would explain, and adds that he won't explain jack to a thief. Flashback! Sun is sleeping on the couch of their apartment; at least a year has passed, since the dog is now dog-sized. Jin comes through the front door and rushes to the bathroom; Sun follows him in, asking why he won't talk to her. She finds him washing a lot of blood off his hands. "Whose blood is this?" she asks. "What were you doing?" "Working," he snaps. "What do you do for my father?" she demands, and, when he pushes her away, slaps him. A cold-faced Jin says, "I do whatever your father tells me to do. I do it for us." As he goes back to washing his hands, a shocked Sun leaves the bathroom. Goddammit. It isn't good enough to just have a couple who are on the rocks and who survive a plane crash? You have to have one of them be a killer for the Australian-Korean Mafia? Why does every single character need to have some crazy-ass backstory? Some bizarre reason to be on the plane? Not everyone who flies from Sydney to L.A. has to be a killer, or burying their father, or captured by a U.S. Marshal, or whatever the fuck. Some people are just on vacation.

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