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Thank god Sawyer has finally decided to fight back, only the struggle against the Others is really brief, what with them having guns and everything; Sawyer winds up pinning Pickett, who still has his gun, up against the bars, but the other Other has Kate covered. "You let go, or I do her too," says Pickett. Kate yells for Sawyer not to let go, but he does. Kate screams. And screams and screams and screams. Pickett marches Sawyer out of the cage, and makes him kneel on the ground. "Please! I'll do anything you want!" screams Kate "I want you to watch!" yells Pickett. Kinda kinky, but okay. "Close your eyes, Freckles," says Sawyer, and Kate yells at him to stand up. Sawyer defiantly holds his head up while Kate yells for him not to give up. "This is for Colleen, you son of a bitch," says Danny. This show could have impressed me and made up for a lot by killing Sawyer here. Not because I don't like him, because I do, but because there was not a moment I believed they actually would. Instead, I spent the whole time waiting for Pickett's walkie-talkie to go off, which it does, with Zeke asking if Danny's anywhere near the cages. "Yeah, you could say that," says Pickett. Zeke tells him to give his walkie to Kate, and Pickett wants to know why the hell he'd do that. "Because if you don't, the doctor's going to let Ben die." Despite the friggin' monsoon pouring down, Pickett can hear the beeping over the walkie-talkie. "Just hand her the damn walkie, Danny!"

Pickett does so, never taking his gun off Sawyer, and orders the other Other to let Kate go so she can use it, and she starts yelling Jack's name. In the operating room, Zeke tosses the walkie-talkie over to Jack, who looks kind of like he's making this up as he goes along. Maybe he is. That's just how this show rolls. "Kate, you have about an hour head-start before they come after you," he says. She asks where Jack is. He hesitates, then asks her if she remembers the story he told her on the beach, the day they crashed. Is it this one? Kate doesn't answer for a moment, and Jack yells, "DO YOU REMEMBER!" and she screams that she does. Meanwhile, Sawyer's standing over there looking all jealous, for God's sake. Jack says, "When you get safe, you radio me and you tell me that story." "Jack, please," says Kate, who doesn't add anything like "Pickett's got a gun on Sawyer" or "we're on a tiny island, Jack." Which is too bad. "If I don't get a call from you in the next hour, I'll know something went wrong, and HE DIES!" he yells that last bit as much for the Others' benefit as Kate's. Kate says she can't leave without him, and he says she can, and she screeches again that she can't. "Kate, dammit, run!"

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