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Cut to Juliet and Kate making a much different walk, down a dank corridor to where Jack sits in his cell. Kate's got a hood over her head, but I'm fairly confident she's not beaming. At least not until Juliet takes the hood off. Standing on opposite sides of the glass, Jack and Kate sort of stand there and stare at each other (it's the first time they've looked at each other since the hood-loving Others took them prisoner) and kind of smile, and then walk up to the glass. Juliet says she'll give them some privacy, which is hilarious given the security camera overhead and the bank of television monitors down the hall, but thanks, Juliet. Jack asks if she's okay, and Kate says after him, and he says he's hungry, and she smiles at him. He asks where they're holding her, and she says she's outside, in a cage. He asks after Sawyer, and she tells him about Sawyer too. "They're making us work," she says, and she's starting to break down a little as she says they're hauling rocks, and she doesn't know what it's for, but it seems big. Jack asks if they hurt her. Kate doesn't answer, but starts to cry. Jack tells her that it's going to be okay, but apparently that's not why she's crying. "You have to do it," she says, "the thing that they told you to do, this operation." Jack looks over at the security camera, with its smug little red light. Kate tries to burble out what the deal is, but Jack gets a little loud with her: "What did they do to you?" he says, and she says nothing. "How did they get you to ask me? What did they offer you?" he yells, and that makes Kate cry harder. "THEN WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?" he yells at her, and she finally says that they're going to kill Sawyer if he doesn't do it. Then she starts apologizing for God only knows what reason, and says Juliet said if Jack did the operation they'd let Sawyer go. This ain't exactly what we saw, but this scene isn't making a whole lot of sense to me anyway. Why didn't Ben or Danny just threaten Sawyer (and for that matter, Kate) directly to Jack to make him do the surgery? How is Kate supposed to convince Jack if all she can do is repeat the threat that they apparently didn't think would work on Jack anyway? Is it supposed to be that the request is coming from Kate? Whatever, it doesn't work. "And you believed her," snarls Jack. "I have to," says Kate, practically whispering. Jack lowers his head. "Jack? Please," says Kate. "We're done here," says Jack, and then he yells it again at the security camera, while Kate cries and sobs. In the monitoring room, Ben says, "Get her out of there." Yeah, that could've gone better, huh?

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