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Baby's Got Back

Jin runs out of the toy store and hails a taxi. The taxi stops, and Jin throws the panda in the back seat. He's about to get in himself, when his phone rings. He answers it, and then a man bumps into him, knocking the phone to the ground. Jin goes to pick it up, but a motorcycle runs over it. And Jin, I don't like to make fun of your gadgets, but where'd you get that enormous phone? 2001?

That's another clue.

Jin picks up his phone, and then sees another man getting into his cab. Despite the fact that he's sharing the back seat with a panda the size of a twelve-year old. The cab driver, oblivious to the fact that he's just changed passengers, drives off. Jin chases after the cab, screaming out, "You bastard! If I find you, I'll hunt you down and rip your head off!"

Jin runs back into the toy store and heads for the aisle of stuffed animals. He can't find another panda. He walks over to the clerk and asks for another panda. The clerk tells him that was the last one, kind of forgetting that there's one sitting right behind him. Jin asks about the panda that's right in front of his eyes, but the clerk tells him it's on hold and has already been paid for. He suggests a dragon, since it's the year of the dragon.

That's another, relatively obscure clue.

Jin slams down an ungodly sum of money on the counter and angrily demands the panda. The clerk gives it to him.

At the beach, Kate is drawing a map to the Barracks for Jin and Sun. She tells them it will take at least a day and a half. Unless you really need to get there for dramatic purposes, in which case it will take about an hour. Kate tells Sun that she's going to have to tell Jack where they're going, but she'll give them a head start before ratting them out. As Kate is hugging Sun goodbye, Juliet walks up and tells Sun she can't leave. Sun is kind of pissed off that this home-wrecking, Other-killing, baby-stealing woman is trying to run her life. Juliet decides to appeal to Jin, telling him that Sun is very sick and needs to leave the island. Sun pulls him away, but Juliet tells him that Sun is in danger. Jin: "Wherever Sun go, I go." All right, Ruth and Naomi -- get a room! Sun continues to walk away as Juliet pleads with her, so Juliet turns to Jin and tells him that Sun had an affair. Jin is a bit confused, so Juliet explains that Sun was doing the hokey-pokey with another man, and that Sun told her because she was concerned about the baby's paternity. Sun walks over, looks Juliet in the eye, and slaps her across the face. I bet if she asked, Charlotte would teach her how to punch Juliet for real. That slap kind of serves as a confession of guilt for Jin, and he looks upset before walking back towards the beach. Sun mutters his name, but he keeps on walking. Commercials.

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