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Baby's Got Back

Jin is on the beach, assembling some...fishing gear? Yeah, that's the ticket. Sun walks up to him and begs him to forgive her, or to listen to her explanation. But he says nothing and walks away. Bernard walks up and asks Jin if he's going fishing. It takes him a few seconds before he realizes that he's interrupting a touching moment. But after he does, Jin invites him to come along fishing.

Bernard and Jin are in that outrigger canoe thing, fishing. Bernard notes that the two of them are the only married men on the island. When you consider the quality of the rest of the men, is it any surprise? Bernard shares his cranky old man wisdom about marriage -- it's great, but a pain in the ass. And then Bernard tells Jin that Rose has cancer and is dying. Or she was, until she came to the island. Because of that, he was surprised that she didn't want to go with Locke so she could avoid leaving the island. Jin asks him why they stayed with Jack, and Bernard tells him that it would have been wrong to go with Locke, since he's a murderer. And then Bernard starts to give Jin the Earl Hickey explanation of karma. Fortunately, he's cut off when Jin lands a fish. Bernard thinks that's a sign that Jin is a good person with good karma.

On the freighter, Desmond paces in sick bay. There's the sound of banging on pipes in the distance. Desmond thinks it must be a mechanical problem that needs fixing, but Sayid thinks it sounds like someone intentionally banging pipes. And then the doctor enters and tells them that the captain would like to see them. He leads them out onto the deck. The helicopter is gone. Sayid asks where it is, and the doctor tells him Frank took it to run an errand. They bicker about where he might have gone while Desmond looks around. He spies Regina walking along the deck with a heavy chain wrapped around herself. And then she reaches the edge and throws herself into the water. Desmond and Sayid both act like this some big emergency, yelling at the other men on deck to grab a rope and do something. Everyone else reacts like this is nothing that out of the ordinary. And then a hot Australian walks onto the deck and tells everyone to get back to their posts since Regina's already gone. He's giving orders, so I bet you can guess who he is. He's the captain, and his name is Captain Gault. Commercials.

Back on the freighter, Sayid is hassling Gault about not doing anything to save Regina. Gault tells him he didn't want to risk losing any more of his people. Desmond asks him what's going on, and Gault tells him that his crew have been dealing with a heightened case of cabin fever. He thinks it's connected to the boat's location, but he can't really move the boat as someone has sabotaged their engines. Sayid asks if they'll rescue the Lostaways once the engines are fixed, but Gault tells him his orders are to move to safer waters. Sayid asks who gave him the orders -- it's was Charles Widmore, as we all know. And then Gault reveals that he knows that Desmond already knows Widmore.

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