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Baby's Got Back

Gault leads Sayid and Desmond into his...office? Quarters? Ready room? (No, wait -- that last one is Star Trek). He takes a box out of a cabinet and asks if they know what it is. Sayid does (of course); it's a flight data recorder, a.k.a. a black box. In fact, it's the black box from Oceanic 815, which was recovered from the wreck of the plane at the bottom of the ocean. Where the corpse of every passenger was also found. Gault: "The wreckage was obviously staged. Now can you imagine what kind of resources and manpower go into pulling off a fake of that magnitude. Faking the recovery of a plane crash. Putting 324 families through a grieving process based on a lie. But what's even more disturbing -- where exactly does one come across 324 dead bodies? And that, Mr. Jarrah, Mr. Hume, is just one of the many reasons we want Benjamin Linus." You know, the revelation of all these shocking facts to the Lostaways would be more interesting if we didn't already know them.

Sun is sitting on the beach when Juliet walks up to her. I think Juliet is starting to enjoy the beatings. Juliet apologizes and tells Sun that she had to stop her from leaving, any way she could. So this is all kind of a rehash -- Juliet tells Sun that she has to leave before the next three weeks to save herself and the baby. Juliet describes all the gruesome symptoms Sun will go through, and tells her that it's Juliet's business because Sun is her patient. This time Sun seems to believe her.

Flash-forward. Sun is still in labor, screaming and pushing. Dr. Bae tells her he has to perform a c-section. Sun tells him not to don anything until Jin arrives. Sun keeps calling for Jin, and thinks she sees him in the hallway. She's in labor -- shouldn't they shut the door? Dr. Bae tells her there's no time to wait for Jin. And then the baby crowns, eliminating the need for a c-section. More pushing and screaming, and then there's a baby in the room. Dr. Bae puts the very realistic baby in Sun's arms. She cries with joy.

On the boat, the doctor leads Sayid and Desmond out of the captain's quarters and down towards the sick bay. Except that they're not going there -- instead, Doc is taking them to a room of their own. He asks them what they thought of the captain. Sayid: "He was surprisingly forthcoming." Which is surprising. I'm starting to think that since everyone is telling us that Widmore sent the boat, it must have been sent by someone else. Because there's no way the show would be this up front with us. They arrive at the room that Desmond and Sayid will be sharing. Doc opens the door, and roaches scatter. That was some good roach wrangling. There's also a big blood stain on the wall. Doc tells them that the stain should have been cleaned up already. He turns around and sees a mysterious figure wielding a mop in the hallway. Doc calls him "Johnson" and tells him to come clean up the stain. Johnson is resistant, and starts to walk away. It's all so mysterious, I bet it will be a big shock... I'm sorry, I can't even pretend that I don't know who this is. I'm thrilled that they brought Harold Perrineau back, but it was completely moronic to keep his name in the credits all these weeks, because it made his return a total non-event. Way to go, show.

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