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Baby's Got Back

And now we see Sun at home, getting dressed. She takes her wedding ring out of the plastic bag the hospital stored it in, and it slides onto her non-swollen finger. The doorbell rings. It's Hurley, looking pretty pimp in a nice suit. They hug, and Sun tells him that she can't believe he came. He's there for Ashley. Actually, he asks her if anyone else is coming, and is relieved that the answer is no. She shows him the baby. She's gorgeous, notwithstanding the fact that it looks like someone injected her lips with collagen in the hospital nursery. There's some chat about Hurley holding the baby, and then he tells Sun that the baby looks just like Jin. Sun doesn't seem too happy to hear that. Hurley passes the baby back to Sun, and tells her, "So, I guess we should, like, go see him." Yeah, and give him a stern lecture for leaving his wife and remarrying all before she gave birth to his daughter. 'Cause that's what happened, right?

No, it is not. We see Sun and Hurley at a beautiful cemetery, approaching an imposing gravestone. Sun kneels down, and starts address the gravestone in Korean. She tells Jin that he was right (the baby's a girl) and that she was deliriously calling out his name during the delivery. We see the gravestone -- Jin's date of death is listed as September 22, 2004, the date of the plane crash. (We also see that Sun was born in 1980, making her a rather unbelievable 24 at the time of the crash). Sun tells Jin that she wishes he could see the baby, who she named Ji Yeon. With tears in her eyes, she tells him how much she misses him. Daniel Dae Kim and Yunjin Kim did fantastic work this episode.

Just to clear up any confusion, Jin's flash-forward scenes were actually a flashback to the early days of his marriage. Jin may or may not actually be dead at the time of the flash-forward, but we do know that Sun is keeping up the pretense that he died in the plane crash. If he is dead, it could happen any time between the "present day" scenes of this episode and some time before the baby's birth (in six to seven months). If he's not dead, it means he's probably still on the island. So feel free to cry over the amazing acting in this episode, but don't cry over Jin. (Crying over gin is completely optional.)

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